People Like Me Sound Like This To The Rest Of Society:

“Like OMG, why can’t we all just get a long? why can’t we just hug trees and burn Erykah Badu incense? And share everything? And why do we have to kill all the cute fury animals? Why must we work? I don’t want responsibilities. I don’t want to fight. Why can’t I do whatever I want? I don’t want anybody telling me what to do. Why must we have rules? Why can’t I question things everyone likes? Why can’t I just get high all day? Stop punishing criminals and other bad people, it’s not their fault. 😦 I’m anti everything 😡 Fuck having nice things. The rich are evil. I hate my country. I hate people. I hate my life. 😦 The world is so unfair and stuff 😦 “


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