Jesse Boykins III – Love Apparatus


Let me just start by saying “Love Apparatus” is the perfect album for sexual activities. Jesse’s voice is like a silky smooth wavy silhouette just flowing over each instrumental. And the production is very ambient, euphoric and atmospheric. I did a little research and found out that a fellow by the name of “Machinedrum” did all of the production. Apparently, Jesse and Machinedrum have been working on this album for 3 years gradually releasing visuals over that time span and improving upon the album before finally now releasing it to the public. It’s definitely the right album for sexual encounters. The lyrics are usually focused on Jesse’s thoughts and interactions with numerous females. He describes it as just expressing your love for whatever,  not necessarily limiting it to the opposite sex. What originally reeled me in was the cover art. It seems like he’s a black avatar of Shiva or Vishnu. Very keen marketing skills especially for the current fascination with “New Age”, Eastern religions, meditation, yoga etc. I actually might meditate to this album myself. My favorite tracks right now are 4 U 2 Be Free, GreyScale, The Wonder Years, Tell Me, Plain, and B4 The Night Is Thru. I definitely want to hear more from him and Jesse gives off that vibe of an incredibly cultured, intellectual and prolific character.



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