Why Minorities Will Never Trust Police Or The System

Plenty people drink & drive, resist wearing a seat-belt, piss in public, drink underage or smoke weed along with other countless acts of nuisance crimes across the country but black people always get caught. None of the common crimes mentioned are unique to one race and I don’t think black people get caught more than everybody else because we’re just dumb and incautious. If you live in suburbia you know white trash gets away with everything because minority citizens are under constant scrutiny by the police. So basically blacks and Latinos are taking all the heat while everybody else can get away with doing the same shit we do. The police everywhere seem to routinely follow the mantra of harassing as many people of color as possible until they find what they want to find: drugs, guns, and warrants (most of the time it’s drugs, and marijuana at that). We also know that routinely white people get less time when they are caught than black people, this may be due to the fact that on average white people have more $ and can afford better lawyers but still shows a lack of justice on the punishment end, because it’s all about $ at that point. It makes you feel like the world is against you because everybody else is doing the same shit you are doing but none of them face the same consequences as you. On top of the fact that the authorities seem so wholeheartedly obsessed with you more than anybody else for no discernible reason. It’s like it’s already been predetermined and established that only certain people get in trouble and certain people don’t. We only go after the lowest hanging fruit and the most convenient bad guys. The inconvenient bad guys always get away. We have no real concept of justice.


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