You Believe In Social Darwinism And Don’t Even Know It…

Most of us believe in Social Darwinism and don’t even know it. To a degree most people think that our system is flawless and all of our institutions are perfect. And nothing is holding us back from getting ahead. This is just a fantasy we want so desperately to believe until we reach our 30s or 40s and have a mid life crisis. This presumes that the poor are poor because they want to be poor or because they are (genetically) inferior. The thing is that means the opposite is also true. The rich are rich because they are simply (genetically) superior to everyone else and not because of any other factor. This also means that certain groups (for example black people) are genetically inferior and there’s nothing we can do. Once again, this can only be true if we had a flawless perfect system and nobody poor was smart, beautiful, or talented and even if they are they would all end up “successful” anyway. The only other way Social Darwinism would make sense is because the nobility have always seeked to centralize beauty and brains within their class with their wealth and power.Another thing to take from this is that well if I’m genetically inferior then I will never prosper so why bother? No matter what I’m doomed and everything is predetermined. Of course, none of these things are absolute or reality so the entire premise is foolish. It also disregards generational wealth, corruption, and a whole host of other factors. The truth is our system is not perfect and our institutions are not flawless and that’s why certain people can’t succeed. You’re not that awesome. Get over yourself and get over your system. Peace. 1.


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