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Why couldn’t they just taze them? Why shoot to kill? Why are they still killing unarmed civilians in 2014? Why is your gun your first impulse? Why are they so scared of the public, especially non-white people? Why leave his (Mike Brown) body out there for 4 hours? Why is it convenient to kill and lock up non-whites over shit everybody does? (Drugs, non violent crimes, petty crimes, pissing in public, stealing, driving without wearing a seat belt,  etc) Why are no cops ever brought up on charges? Why does this keep happening? Who trains these cops? Who are their superiors? Why do people constantly try to defend this? Why do we only go after the convenient (emphasis) bad guys? Why don’t more people take action? Why do people read that and then automatically ask me what I’m doing? What the fuck are we (emphasis) doing? What the fuck is life? Why is life so god damn cheap? How am I, as a black person, supposed to see this all the time and not feel like a second class citizen? And not feel bad for being black? Why am I even saying this? Why doesn’t anybody care? What the fuck?


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