20 Things You Need To Know Involving 9/11…

1. Osama bin Laden wanted to get us to the point where we forgo our values and over extend ourselves in costly wars.

2. There are a number of questionable activities surrounding the events on 9/11 that have never been refuted by the government itself.

3. The Bush Administration halted the investigation for over 400 days. That’s longer then when JFK was assassinated, Apollo 13 blew up, Pearl Harbor etc.

4. The first responders were thrown under the bus because the government didn’t want to be responsible for lying about the toxins in the air. There are numerous first responders with horrible medical conditions that were ignored and every bill to help them has been shot down up until recently.

5. The CIA knew about 2 of the terrorists responsible for 9/11 and never notified the FBI.

6. The creation of Homeland Security proved this an empire and we have other lands to protect.

7. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, no weapons of mass destruction, and Al Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq until we invaded. The UN didn’t buy the WMDs argument ( a long with millions of people around the world) so the entire war was illegal.

8. We created secret CIA blacksites all over the planet to “extraordinary rendition” (kidnap) people (sometimes who are innocent) so that they can be tortured for information.

9. We used “enhanced interrogation” techniques (torture) from corrupt regimes and the SEER program (where Navy Seals learn to resist these techniques in case they’re captured) to get information out of people who were suspected of terrorism. On one occassion we electrocuted a man to the point of helplessness.

10. Guantanamo Bay, a gash on the face of humanity. The most infamous prison on Earth which is effectively a gulag or a little black hole we can drop people in. Half of the people in Guantanamo are either innocent or cleared for release but they have nowhere to go. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain and has no security value whatsoever. When has anyone escaped a maximum security prison (if so very rare occasions that would not occur in the 21st century) or a supermax prison?

11. Anwar al-lawki was an American citizen who was assassinated (by hellfire missile) in Yemen as well as his 16 year old with his friends at a cafe with no indictment or criminal charges. Anwar was also on our side before he was radicalized and assisted the Bush Administration.

12. Mass surveillance. The NSA collects everyone’s information in bulk. The CIA has every email sent in the world. The NSA has whole floors in telecommunications buildings. The NSA even has unmarked buildings that go deep underground that spy on people. I could go on and on…

13. Illegal wiretappings have been done in this administration and the previous one. The Bush administration used the wiretappings to listen in on lawyers.

14. There’s millions of dollars in Iraq where we don’t even know where the $ went. Our own troops stole tens of thousands. Some troops admit on camera to killing innocent people. The war killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions. The Iraq war destabilized the region and gave birth to ISIS.

15. Afghanistan was invaded in 2001 and we put it on the side for 8 years while we focused on a country that had nothing to do with anything. Afghanistan is responsible for over 90% of the heroin on Earth and before we invaded opium (the main ingredient in heroin) was banned by the Taliban. We don’t even keep track of the deaths.

16. The Bush administration was explicit about not giving people the wrong idea about Muslims. 99.99% of American Muslims Americans are minding their own business and are productive members of society. Every American Muslim institution has routinely condemned every single terrorist attack. A majority of the recent terrorists attacks have been done by right wing white American terror groups. And they’re definitely on the rise now of course the media won’t call them terrorists just potential shooters even though it’s politically motivated.

17. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has cost us trillions of dollars.

18. The drone strikes conducted by hellfire missiles in third world countries only further exacerbate the issues in the countries and make the native populations join terrorists or hate America.

19. Abu Ghraib has deeply embarrassed this country. And the perpetrators of torture and human rights violations were never punished. As well as the superiors who authorized the “standard operating procedure” that left room for abuse and humiliation.

20. After 9/11 the Patriot Act was passed (by every congressman in the Senate and House except 1 who isn’t in office anymore). The Patriot Act allows the government to come to your home and search it and not tell you they’ve been there, go to your doctor get your medical information, go to the library and see what books you checked out, go to your job and download information from your laptop etc all without a warrant. It’s essentially the antithesis to the 4th amendment.


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