Militant Feminism Commandments…

1. 99.9999% of men are evil.

2. Always try to rationalize hoe ass shit.

3. Never call out women who blatantly want to be objectified.

4. Never call out patriarchal/hyper masculine women.

5. Pretend like your favorite female artist is really a feminist when she doesn’t give a fuck.

6. Replace Patriarchy with Matriarchy.

7. God is a black women.

8. Defend things you would never do yourself.

9. Encourage women to be hyper independent.

10. Argue with random people all the time.

11. Ignore the fact that some women actually (sub) consciously like drama, arguing, being sad, etc.

12. Women can do no wrong.

13. Never work on self improvement…Remember, If they can’t handle the fact that you’re fucking insane then they don’t deserve you 😉

14. Everything is men’s fault.

15. It’s okay to be crazy.

16. Girl, you are never the cause of your own problems!!!

17. Bias and emotional attachment are okay girl it’s okay…

18. Remain bitter

19. Never call out a fake ass bitch

20. Love dick but hate men.

21. A man is supposed to be your personal punching bag. If he can’t absorb all your negative energy and your mental, emotional, and physical abuse a long with his own issues and not explode then he ain’t good enough for you girl!

22. Polygamy is the devil’s work.

23. Never acknowledge shit men say about women that you know is true and was just complaining about 10 minutes ago…

24. Ignore all double standards that favor women.

25. Narcissism is okay.

26. Being a sex symbol for men is okay. Just do you boo, do you!

After you have internalized all these things you are well on your way to becoming an angry radical feminist that’s ready to raise hell and take no prisoners. No go out there and fuck shit up bitch! FUCK a nigga!


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