Left Brain Vs Right Brain: Masculine & Feminine Energy

Most people are familiar with the ideas of a “left brain” based on logic, reason, linear, direction, science, math etc and a “right brain” based on fantasy, creativity, empathy, emotion, art, etc. However, both of these are two aspects of the same whole and both are required in order to achieve balance in our lives individually and collectively. These two aspects of the mind that are seemingly opposites that oppose each other are called masculine (left brain) and feminine energy (right brain). These two energy’s that western civilization insists must forever be in conflict with one another, similar to good and evil, are really just two aspects of the same whole, just like good and evil. This is usually seen in Hinduism where all things are just manifestations of the whole. Taoism reflects this with yin and yang. Another example is men and women, we may seem as opposites but together we create life. This is a microcosm of how the universe itself operates.The universe as we can perceive it is a result of masculine and feminine energy. The universe is made up of art, science, creativity and math. The universe is also composed of the logical and the abstract. To the average person metaphysics is like a mysterious obscure language based on abstract concepts. However, these concepts explain how the universe functions. So at some point things associated with the right and the left must work in tandem. Even science (masculine) and spirituality (feminine) coexisted for a long time in Asia. Muslim scholars were devoted to worshiping Allah but still made many critical achievements in medicine, chemistry, math, astronomy, etc. Buddhists and Hindus also made countless contributions to the planet without rejecting their spiritual beliefs. In the west we didn’t always think like this because during the Italian Renaissance and The Age of Enlightenment there were many who believed in God, maybe not organized religion or it’s principles, and still thought critically about the world around them and still tirelessly pursued enlightenment and freedom. What I am explaining can be as simple as this: when you’re typing your left hand and right hand half to work together do they not? The idea of science and spirituality opposing each other is a modern western phenomena and limitation on consciousness. The reason why I am even trying to inform people about this is because of the fact that not just the west but the entire planet has become completely masculine energy oriented and has rejected feminine energy out right. I think this is very clear in American society where we have a certain level of “liberty” and access to information yet because of our social programming we still think and act in only masculine energy. Of course their are a lot of people that reject logic and reason and embraces fantasies. However, the overall consciousness and culture is that of masculine (left brain) energy. We don’t care too much about art, peace, creativity, self expression or any of the humanities for that matter. In a nation with 2.3 million people in prison and 1/4 with a criminal record and new laws everyday making some form of commonplace deviance criminal, we only care about “freedom” in rhetoric. The right brain has been rejected and replaced with hyper-masculinity, aggression, insensitivity, amorality, apathy, ruthlessness, patriarchy, jingoism, hyper-individuality, control etc. Furthermore, the U.S. government has exported this around the world in the form of empire to many places that were already incubators of everything I have listed. As a result the planet is suffering from an imbalance. This imbalance is causing the overall planetary vibrations of the Earth to be perceived as negative rather than positive. In order to counteract this imbalance the consciousness of the planet must have a momentous shift towards feminine energy.This shift can only occur through promoting balance, wholeness, holism, unity (not conformity), equality, empathy, and moderation. We have to not only preach these things to people but also internalize them and embody them and embrace these principles into our everyday life. This will not occur over night as we are all a work in progress and that may be the purpose of life itself but we have to start heading in the right direction today in order to have better tomorrow. Then maybe in the future the overall of vibes of the planet may start to be positive or seen as balanced or equal. Right now we are still heading towards a dystopia without any hopes of a utopia. I would also like to note that feminine and masculine energy is not based on gender. Each individual should have balance in their lives of both these types of traits regardless of gender or sex. The theories on right brain and left brain seem to have been proven wrong I just used these two ideas in order to use things already relatable to you, the reader.

– The Infamous Dante Brown


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