Capitalism (Read: Neo-Feudalism)

1/4 people have a criminal record. 1/5 children live in poverty. Banks have record profits. Income inequality is greater than “the Roaring 20s”. Almost 2 and a half million people are behind bars, most of them non violent drug offenders and most of those non violent drug offenders are users and even most dealers are users. More people die from legal drugs than illegal drugs. Around 30 million people still have no healthcare. We’re once again in another war in Iraq. Every email sent on Earth is in a CIA vault somewhere. Half of all known wildlife are now dead etc etc.

Capitalism gone horribly wrong. This is what happens when you pursuit the mythical “free market”. Capitalism (read: Neo-feudalism) wants the cheapest amount of labor as humanly possibly. In this quest you inevitably head towards serfdom and slavery. The 13th amendment didn’t ban slavery. It says in plain language that if you commit a crime you can be held against your will and coerced to do labor. This is exactly what we see going on, on the state level across the United States. Capitalism isn’t opposed to private prisons and slave labor and defense contractors and war on drugs and war on terror and mass surveillance and global warming because corporations (read: the merchant) are making a profit. All of this fits perfectly in the capitalists, incoherent, world view. In order to bleed populations dry, they have to lose freedoms and rights. This is exactly what happened in Fascist Spain under Francisco Franco and Chile under Augusto Pinochet. It’s so amazing that the same people who promote freedom care more about economic freedom than social freedom. The corporation (read: the merchant) should have more freedom than anyone else despite consequence and despite that freedom interfering with my freedom. It’s so amazing how people can totally miss this.

Capitalism (as we know it) goes hand in hand with colonialism, feudalism, imperialism, social Darwinism, white hegemony, perpetual war, perpetual poverty, oligarchy etc.


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