Signs of a “Closed Society”

Arresting people for standing up for themselves

Marginalizing truth tellers

Ostracizing thinkers

Scrutinizing the powerless

Hypercritical of the vulnerable

Hypocritical authority figures

Personality is chosen over substance

Infallible idols

Normalization of the radical

Deification of the mundane

Class and privilege are seen as reality

Culture of impunity among aristocracy

Culture of apathy

Every issue is an ideological battle

Projection of intentions and motivations

Over-classification of human behavior

Oversimplification of issues

Self sustaining conflicts

Zero accountability of the elite

Greed, gluttony, jealousy, comparison, etc.

Monolithic consumer/materialistic culture

Shallow > Deep

Circumnavigating institutions


Disregard for arts and humanities

Orwellian use of language

Distorted, edited and manufactured narratives

Systemic corruption

Neutralization of populist elements in society

Deliberate destruction of democratic elements within political power structure

Disgust with liberal institutions

Enormous amounts of wealth poured into “bread and circus”

Sensationalism over intellectualism

Constant appeal to ethos

Predictable and robotic reactions

Predetermined political outcomes

Magnification of the trivial

Coercion and deception become like right and left.

False dilemmas are constantly presented

Ego replaces morality


Mystification of historical events

Persona and platitudes

Decisions are made in smoke filled room for the masses

Fusion of historical, religious, and national iconography

Encourage unnecessary division and competition

Perpetual state of shock and helplessness and cluelessness

Exterminate intellectual curiosity

Promote intellectual arrogance

Immovable and inflexible positions

Absolutism/near absolutism

Hyper individualism or herd mentality

Hyper ownership


Small spheres of consciousness/awareness

Predatory capitalism

Social Darwinism

Exploitation as a way of life

Blind obedience

Aggression, escalation, and violence are seen as successful solutions

Worth based on race rank and class

Strict socioeconomic hierarchy

Manufactured opinions removed from reality

Willful blindness

Deep denial complexes

Obsession with negativity

Repetition of irrelevant pieces of information

Repetition of falsehoods

Polarizing paradigms

Political paralysis


Leaping from one extreme to another

Uniformity over pluralism


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