Iman Omari – Energy


This the 1st project from Iman Omari. It’s actually 3 years old but it was like a breathe of fresh air. I actually heard of Iman Omari before I listened to this a couple months ago. He’s been on tracks with Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, etc. He’s a west coast neo-soul artist that also does his own production on his tracks. He has numerous projects out that I haven’t got a chance to get a hold of. I like to listen to a project at a time when I find a new artist to listen to. Iman Omari is just another amazing artist to add to my growing  alternative R&B catalog.His lyrics focus on love, romance, spirituality, sex, etc. All things this generation seems to be obsessed about.

The title track “Energy” actually invokes an involuntary emotional response of melancholy from me every time I listen to it but it isn’t depressing at all. He talks about “energy” (read: vibes) and how he likes positive vibes and if you can’t vibe with him then let him do his thing.

The next track is the first appearance of  “Good Joon” who is the only feature on the tape. Joon is actually a popular member of the west coast hip hop group Overdoz who Iman has collaborated with before. The track that I really like with Joon is “First Time” in which they talk about their first sexual encounters with a woman.

The interlude “You Make Me Smile (With My Heart)” is incredible as far as interludes go which really speaks volumes about this tape.

“Worth It” is also a gem, I love the distant distorted drums. And Omari’s harmonizing is heavenly. He talks about how his love is “Worth It”.

The last track “Let Me” starts off with a deep declaration of a limitless relationship (read: fusion) of two souls.

It’s only 8 tracks in total but they’re so good that it doesn’t even matter. Definitely a must listen for those of you who are interested in alternative R&B, Neo-Soul, hippie shit, bohemian, New Age spirituality etc. I would also recommend checking out his videos and other projects. I give this a 9/10.


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