Similarities between U.S. & Israel

1. Both act like extensions of Western Europe.

2. Both are colonial (Israel still expanding).

3. Both fuse the iconography of their nations, religions, and culture.

4. Both are patriarchal

5. Both are militaristic (Read: Fascist)

6. Both violate international law all the time.

7. Both have nukes.

8. Both have mystified their history.

9. Both majority white populations.

10. Both always act like the victims and the bullies.

11. Both believe in divide and rule.

12. Both have rampant racism and both are antisemitic.

13. Both act like the “chosen people”.

14. Both are enslaved to religious dogma.

15. Both have cultures of violence.

16. Both want to be the hegemons of West Asia (with their buddy Saudi Arabia).

17. Both have massive income inequality.

18. Both believe in peace through domination.

19. Both like dehumanizing “the enemy”.

20. Both are apartheid states.


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