America is an Apartheid State/Caste System

According to the 2002 Rome Statute of the international: “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.” America is not a signatory of the International Convention to Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.

We have experienced slavery, Jim Crow, “separate but equal”, civil rights movement etc. but America is still an Apartheid state and still has a racial caste system. Dating back to the 50s and 60s the FBI systematically assassinated and imprisoned many black activists in America. And of course targeted many other minority groups and left wing activists.  White neighborhoods decided to make covenants to keep blacks and Jews from moving into their neighborhoods. By the state doing things like this it’s basically carrying out an Apartheid state.

Fast forward to today there are more black people in prison than slaves in 1850. And more black people in prison than college. 50% of black men either have no college degree, an STD, or a record if I’m not mistaken. Black people make up roughly 13% of the population but almost half the prison population. A majority of people in prison are people of color. The largest prison population on Earth. In NYC hundreds of thousands of people are “stop n frisked” each year and around 90% of them are black and Latino and the overwhelming majority are innocent people just walking down the street. The NYPD will often tell people to empty out their pockets when they don’t have to and then arrest them for having marijuana in plain sight.

This results in the disenfranchisement of millions of minorities. Once incarcerated or even arrested its hard to find a job. After one is incarcerated they lose rights like voting, carrying a gun, privacy, and government assistance like food stamps etc.

Meanwhile evidence has came out that black Americans don’t do drugs or marijuana more than white Americans. Most people who do crack are white not black.Most people in prison are there for nonviolent crime. Most rapists are white well off males (1/3 women will be sexually assaulted or raped in their lifetimes). Most terror attacks are committed by right wing white Americans. White people make 78.1% of the population. Most people on food stamps are white not black. A black american is always given more time than a white american for the same exact crime.

There are plenty of red states where there is gerrymandering and disenfranchisement of blacks ( among young people and elderly etc) to prevent them from voting.

Black on black crime has been going down consistently. White on white crime is rising and is almost at the same percent. Most people in general are killed by someone who looks like them.

A lot of the drug laws disproportionately effect or are disproportionately enforced towards people of color. Marijuana was made illegal to target Latinos and African Americans. Lawmakers even said smoking marijuana would make white women want to sleep with black men therefore it should be illegal. It says in plain language in the 13th Amendment that slavery is banned unless you commit a crime. The NAACP has even state that marijuana should be legalized if Latinos and African Americans are going to targeted more for marijuana.

Let me give you nonbelievers the benefit of the doubt and say that half of African Americans are “up to no good” in America (And there’s no data to back that up). That’s still only 6.5% of the population.

I’ll give you another example using the media. On CBS I think it was, there was a news station who talked to this little black kid in a neighborhood where there was a shooting. They asked him about guns and he said he wants a gun too. They failed to air the part about him saying he wants to be a cop when he grows up…

The caste system really comes into play when you look at what young African Americans aspire to be and there representation in different fields. The most successful African Americans today are almost all entertainers; Jay-Z, Oprah, Beyonce, Lebron James, Denzel Washington, Chris Rock etc. Instead of the former such as MLK, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, George Washington Carver etc. Latinos tend to basically be laborers. West Asians tend to be involved in the health. This isn’t just stereotypical but it’s actually reflected in reality. The reality in this country reinforces the stereotypes and locks them into place. Latinos and Blacks generally don’t see any upward mobility but Asians and Whites do.

An African American born in Detroit no matter talent or potential or intellect has drastically lower chance of getting somewhere in life than a white person in the suburbs of Newark, Delaware (half of the graduates from Detroit high schools are functionally illiterate).

When you have 40% of the people in Camden, New Jersey with no income, do you honestly believe they all just got together and said: “You know what, fuck it! let’s just all live off the government and try to survive with no jobs 🙂 ” That’s just not reasonable or realistic.

I also have observed that in America minorities are associated and enticed to things generally considered deviant and negative. Everyone has a box but African Americans have the smallest box and everything that goes in that box is negative.

When I say this country is an apartheid state I mean it functions like one on paper. Nobody has to physically force you to go in a particular direction, it’s merely indirect coercion.

The median income of a white family is over hundred thousand dollars and the median income of black household is only four thousand dollars.

There have been studies that prove that when black people move into a neighborhood white people move out and when white people move out all the businesses go as well. It’s like we’re the black plague.

There was also a study that proved that a white person with a record is more likely to get a job than a black person with no record.

A black man is killed by a vigilante or a cop almost every 24 hours.

There are blacks and Latinos growing up in LA going to high schools that are unacredited and you mean to tell me that they’ll still be “successful” human beings. What are your standards for success? And the drop out rate for blacks and especially Latinos are just way too high. That put’s you on the wrong track from gate. You can argue personal responsibility but we can all do bad on our own without the system actively assisting in our self destruction. You can’t just say well even if one lives in an apartheid state you have to succeed and if you don’t it’s automatically our fault. Ask yourself is this person swimming up stream or going with the current? Circumstance does matter. The situation at hand does matter. You can’t just force people to go with the program despite what that program might actually be.

Blacks are always punished disproportionately for crimes that most people in general commit like not wearing seat belts, drinking and driving, smoking weed, nuisance crimes etc. And the police seem to be focus on “quality of life” crimes more than anything else despite the high levels of violence in this country. I mean does smoking weed really trump rape, murder, and armed robbery? And why must blacks be punished more than everybody else for doing what everybody else is doing?

In Wilmington, Delaware the majority of people are black but the juries always have a majority of white people (that’s not a jury of your peers when whites and blacks have generally different socioeconomic levels).

Black unemployment is always higher than white unemployment when white people are the majority. The real black unemployment is actually twice what it’s professed to be because they don’t count underemployed and the blacks in prison and the ones who stop looking for work.

I mean how as a black person can I look at the mountains of data and not feel worthless or like an undesirable or second class citizen or inferior?

There’s no data that proves our system is the best or that blacks here are better off than blacks anywhere. And we all know that this system is not flawless and our institutions are not perfect. Let’s be real, this country was set up from the beginning so that the power, wealth and influence is always in the hands of the rich white heterosexual christian merchant and everyone else in an undesirable. When you have a nation that is going after all the most vulnerable people in your society you are heading towards if not already in what is effectively an apartheid state.

Note: It doesn’t matter why…this is still what’s taking place in this country and it needs to stop.


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