Travi$ Scott – Owl Pharaoh

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At first I was skeptical about Travi$ Scott’s first mixtape “Owl Pharaoh”, until I revisited it last month because of favorable responses from my friends. Now I’m convinced Travi$, Kanye, A$AP Rocky, and Kid Cudi are different aspects of the same person. All of his production on this tape is similar to Kanye’s vision of sonically progressive tunes. It’s quite literally artistic creative progressive sequences of songs. And no Kanye didn’t produce it, it was all done by Travi$ himself. The tape also flows seemlessly from one track to another. This shouldn’t come as a suprise since he’s signed to GOOD Music and him and Kanye are actually good friends.

I also like Travi$’ story. He’s from Dallas with an African background if I’m not mistaken. He went to college but at some point decided to take music seriously and was virtually homeless as he dropped out of school and was pursuing his dreams, living couch to couch. Needless to say it all payed off.

I could go into every track that I like which would be almost every track on the tape. The ones that really stand out to me are “Drive” featuring James Fauntelroy of Cocaine 80s. The track starts out slow and switches between several samples of Houston artists before getting to the actual song. The synths are perfect and the drums are unconventional and instantly get you nodding your head. Then James comes out and supplies the hook as well as back up vocals. It’s actually a really good song.

“Upper Echelon” is a definite trap oriented banger for when you’re trying to “turn up”. It of course features T.I and 2 Chainz.  The hook is catchy all the ingredients to the production are perfect for a “radio” song. He has a couple tracks similar to this like Bandz feat. Meek Mill, Quintana feat. Wale, and Uptown feat. A$AP Ferg (which is another one of my favs).  Travi$ is at his peak performance on the tape with his verses and the chorus. And I myself am a fan of Fergie’s features, his flow and voice may be annoying to some but actually go well with the beat.

“Hell of A Night” is definitely right out of Kanye’s handbook. The piano’s the transitions, the amazing sample in the beginning, the hook is something Kanye would of wrote himself if he didn’t. The next track “Blocka La Flame” allegedly produced by Young Chop which artistically transcends any of his other work. If anything Travi$ was the architect of the track. In any event it’s definitely worth a listen. MIA is a track talking about his lifestyle and his travels. The hook is calm and inspiring with the MIA chants and the beat for the verses is hard as shit.

Some of Travi$’s verses may seem to be a blur or fall short in comparison to the awesome production. If you pay attention he definitely has some clever bars. Travi$ is an insane artistic fashionable druggie that makes really good music as to be expected from one of Kanye affiliates. I encourage anyone who’s a fan of Hip Hop to check out this project. I give it a 8.5 out of 10.


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