Women Of Color

Its so amazing how in the West standards of beauty (thin, pointed nose, fair skin, long silky hair, one drop of melanin) are better seen in women of color than the Europeans who promote it. We live in a world with a melanin based heiarchy. However, even a racist redneck will still break his neck staring at an “exotic” woman. They hate us but love our women. And even though they try desperately to get us to embrace “whiteness”. This is still better than the actual thing lol (which is why y’all love getting tans). Oh yeah and her name is Rula Jebreal, she’s a Palestinian reporter. And she’s actually darker in real and she isn’t just all looks either, she’s actually smart too. And when she spoke out about the Iraq War on her old news show in Italy she was called a “nigger” to her face (and yes on her own show). How many males would try that with another male on their show? The ideas you’re “black” and you’re a women so sit down and shut up and let’s us men talk about what we’re going to do. People don’t really appreciate women of color just their looks. Anything else is just extra apparently (and of course there are some who don’t have anything else to offer, which I would argue is most women in the media today but that’s actually because of patriarchy and a topic for another discussion). 

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