Hyper-$exuality , The Hegemony of Hedonism, And Men Successfully Brainwashing Women


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Let me just cut right to the chase, we live in a hedonistic patriarchal monolithic hyper-masculine materialistic culture obsessed with spectacle, objectification, conformity, primal impulses, etc. So it’s no wonder all we ever want to see, hear, and do is sex, sex, and sex. Sex has (over) saturated every aspect of western civilization at this point. You can’t go online, turn on your television or the radio without some type overt or covert sexual reference or implication. Life itself is turning into a porno. And it’s so amazing that we have young malleable minds growing up, absorbing almost non-stop sexual and or violent content. The id has indeed replaced the ego. Sex, drugs, and violence are absolutely insisted upon and are like the three pillars of social order.

Neo Feminism

Now with that atmosphere it’s easy to see how some will try to come up with all kinds of rationalizations for sexual obsession. And how people will try to justify being infatuated with pornographic imagery. So comes in the new waves of feminists who think women should be sexually liberated and free to expose themselves or express themselves in any and all ways possible which of course sounds good on paper but becomes problematic in reality when you once again already live in a patriarchal hyper-masculine sex crazed society. You say that this is a patriarchal society that forces women to conform to the standards of men who only think about sex, but then why give us what we want? And do you honestly believe a majority of these women actually care about your feminist cause? No they’re just there to get their money and get out that’s why they run from the word “feminist” (like Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga etc) And you can’t possibly see how this can potentially be counterproductive or spiral out of control? It’s blatantly backfiring


 Sex Symbolism and Idol Worship

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There is such an over-saturation of sex symbols and women seem to be only valued for their bodies. And the female body is worshiped like never before.  Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are basically the same person. We care about Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azeala more because of their artificial looks and manufactured personas more than their art or what they actually do with themselves. There’s so many women jam packed like sardines in the very same lane. And legions of fellow females answering the calls to defend them in a sort of feminism jihad. It’s the adamant insistence upon defending any and all forms of ignorance that reveals it’s ugly head from the fringes to forefront of society, it’s a culture or better yet a theology now. The theology of extremism. Why do we absolutely need so many aristocratic avatars (all light skin preferably non-black or white) to drool over? One may say that these women have to do that in order to get ahead but why not break that tradition? Why glorify objectification? Yes it can be empowering but shouldn’t we see more women who aren’t just appreciated for their bodies? Isn’t there a line in the sand when things get out of control and enough is enough? Shouldn’t we promote other archetypes of women and take some of the spotlight away from half naked idols? Do all women have to get naked or do sexual favors in order to be successful in life? We need more Badus and Lauren Hills and less Rihanna’s and Beyonces. And a lot of y’all hoes need to stop trying to hide behind Badu’s message. Personally, I wouldn’t want my daughter to be like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, or Nicki Minaj.

Women of Color 


Most of the time these newly liberated sex symbols (even though they’ve always existed in one form or another and are still in fact enslaved to hyper sexuality) are tamed, bleached, and sterilized. A dark skin woman couldn’t even try to do what Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose do. Look at Miley Cyrus, it wouldn’t work with a women of color because women of color are expected to act outlandish. And I would like to add that the media is horny (read: desperate) for any kind of spectacle but preferably those that make non-whites look bad or glorifies non-white attributes from a white or near white individual. A perfect example is Iggy Azeala. Having a large butt alone doesn’t create spectacle but having a large but on a body that shouldn’t have one does i.e. Amber Rose, Iggy Azeala and Kim Kardashian.Bk1aol6IYAAN_Ge

So as a woman of color how can you look at all this and think that this constant promotion of hyper sexuality and sex symbolism actually benefits you as a group? Even with Noami Campbell and Beyonce and Nicki Minaj it’s an appreciation of women of color’s bodies and nothing more. They don’t actually care about you or who you are, they just care about the persona or your image and of course your body. This isn’t an actual appreciation of women of color just their bodies (facial features, skin, hair, ass and breasts). The mere existence of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj and Rihanna isn’t black women winning. The entire black community doesn’t benefit from the chosen few that make up the black bourgeoisie. Black women benefit from Oprah Winfrey not Nicki Minaj stop trying to put them in the same bunch. Or pretend as if they are both in fact equally necessary. No. Black women would be fine if not better without the existence of Lil Kim, Trina, Nicki Minaj etc. The black community does not absolute need an ignorant equivalent (to obsess over) to every intellectual. And ignorance and sexuality has clearly become the focus for young women. And sexuality shouldn’t even be in the top 5 list of things holding women back when you think about it, what about rape? patriarchy as a whole? equal pay? abortion rights? contraceptives? sexual harassment in the work place? objectification? And you can’t say objectification is bad then glorify any dumb bitch that participates in it.Young women of color shouldn’t idolize sex symbols. And there’s doesn’t need to be a focus on raunchy, perverted, horny women all the time.


This society is extremely hyper-masculine and left brain. The hyper sexuality and the hyper masculinity actually go hand in hand. It’s going so far right (brain) that you’re left (brain). Women (especially women of color or rebellious white women) think it’s cute to be aggressive, boisterous, obnoxious, manly, physical, confrontational etc. Women perpetuate sexism just as much as men now. A lot of women have all kinds of foolish ideas (daddy issues) about what a man should and shouldn’t be.  Women love dressing like men, not just wearing a flannel and some timbs,  but dressing like a goon or a dyke when you in fact are attracted to the opposite gender. Look at music today, most of the lyrics in underground/indie or mainstream hip pop is misogynistic yet women today love it and don’t even realize what they’re listening to.

A lot of women want super aggressive violent sex that’s basically like rape simulation and even though you’re saying “no” you can’t wait for him to rip your clothes off and bang your vagina into oblivion that’s why it’s nice and wet before he does it.

At this point women don’t even want to be women anymore.  I feel like some women really just sit there in their rooms and be mad that they don’t have a penis. There’s nothing wrong with being a female. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine especially when you are in fact a female.  There’s a difference between:

A. thinking women should be able to do the same things as men and

B. Women should try to be more like men

Oh yeah and it’s not cute when it’s everybody.



I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a woman having a few sexual partners. However, there is such thing as disease and nobody wants to claim someone with a porn star vagina. It’s generally preferred that your vagina be clean, wet and tight. Not bruised, battered and loose as hell. And the chances of you coming across numerous penis sizes (that will effect how loose your vagina is)  is increased the more you sleep around.  And there’s always this prevalent rationalization of hyper-sexual women just behaving like men. However, not all men are obsessed with sex, pornography and hoes. And why not just promote people (men and women) stop sleeping around so much and having unwanted pregnancies and diseases? Cause lord knows condoms are out of the question. And if men love sex so much why is that a lot of times when you get into a relationship all the female wants to do is have sex and the whole relationship revolves around sex and  you’re pretty much exclusive fuck buddies ? That’s why the relationship doesn’t last that long *laughs And if men only want sex why do you, a female, insist upon contributing to everything being about sex?

Furthermore, you can’t be a “good girl” and defending these “hoes” then get mad when men choose these hoes over you or treat you like a hoe because that’s all they’ve been exposed to is hoes that don’t care about themselves.

Also, if you’re a sex addict or nympho, I would suggest you not comment publicly on sexual matters or male-female relations. I mean at the end of the day this is a pluralistic society so I can’t stop you but no one should take you seriously.

There is such a thing as hoeish tendencies too. You know like being far too familiar with far too many people of the opposite gender? Or getting far too acquainted far too fast with far too many people of the opposite gender? Or “talking” to too many people in the same damn area that you can’t be seen in certain public settings because they’ll see you or one another. And you know like deliberately sleeping with someone you know is already in a relationship? And having sexual encounters in peculiar locations and always having sexual intercourse with people when you first meet,  and or chill with, them. And my favorite is when you see a female sitting down with her legs wide open during casual conversation.


I don’t see anything wrong with nude art or women showing their nipples or pornography etc. After a while people (the casual on looker) will start to think that that’s all women are here for is to be sexual objects for men (or other women).I just think we’re still operating at an extreme and some of you have clearly drank the cool aid (really the whole damn pitcher). Some of y’all are just way too horny and some of you are far too right brain in a left brain world. There’s a constant bombardment of hyper-sexualized women in the media. This is not balanced. It’s more ignorance than anything else. And instead of letting go of that ignorance or at least tipping the scale in the other direction you just try to find all types of angles to validate that ignorance as it begins to spread and take over like a cancer. It’s counterproductive and incoherent and childish. A lot of y’all would really just eat and fuck if we let you.That’s all some of y’all seem to care about as if nothing else in life matters. And like I said earlier, there doesn’t need to be a focus on raunchy, perverted, and horny women all the time. America is just too damn horny. America is stuck in this perpetual state of puberty. People want to be 16-17 forever.  We’re stuck in an adolescent state of consciousness. It’s time to grow up America, you spoiled brat.maxresdefault (3)


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