Neo Atheism, Agitation, Xenophobia, Tribalism, and Idol Worship

I would like to point out that a religion should not be defined by it’s extremists and that most people of most religions are average people minding their own business. And there are many positive things that a lot of people choose to ignore that can be found in Islam Christianity Buddhism etc. Stop constantly focusing on negative. And stop constantly pointing to extremes. And please stop using the Middle East (West Asia) as a representation of all Muslims on Earth when Western intervention is the chief reason the Middle East is in chaos right now:

1. Invasion of Iraq an illegal and unnecessary war responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousand and displacement of millions which created ISIS.

2. The creation of Al Qaeda and the support of the Mujaheddin  that then became the Taliban and numerous terrorist groups in Asia.

3. The support of the regime change in Iran that got rid of Mossadeq a progressive.

4. The droning campaigns that are happening all over the Muslim world creating more terrorists.

5. The support of King Abdullah, Mubarek, and other brutal dictators in the Muslim world.

6. At one point the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein and we couldn’t careless about him using chemical weapons against the Kurds and Persians. And even supported him in a proxy war against Iran.

The media needs to stop just showing people getting their heads cut off and start put things into context.

The second biggest problem is that these people live in third world countries not their religion. If it weren’t for the fact that we live in a first world country with a stable government there would be Christian fundamentalists here in the U.S. raising all kinds of hell.

The third problem is their culture which was used to establish a lot of their religious beliefs in the first place. Strict sharia law comes from Hammurabi’s code which predates Islam.

Bill Maher is a neocon when it comes to Muslims and Israel and an Imperial Agitator. That’s his primary objective at this point: agitation.

And if everyone was atheist that wouldn’t solve all of the world’s problems. Racism, imperialism, sexism, xenophobia, patriarchy, etc etc would still exist. Atheism is just another box to put yourself in like religions occult new age etc. And most people in any group just go along with whatever chief and them say whether it’s feminism, atheism, liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Capitalism etc. All  people do is repeat talking point and dismiss anything to the contrary out of hand. You’re all way too dogmatic and tribal and robotic. Nobody has a mind of their own anymore. You need to turn off your television and stop using your wifi to look for confirmation bias. You’ve pretty much established Islam is evil and are just working from that point.

The mainstream media assists in this because all they show you all day long are negative images of not only Muslims (basically anyone who looks “Arab”) but anyone with melanin. The mainstream is just too infatuated with West Asia and just too damn horny for Islamic extremism. And that’s the main reason I don’t buy any of this bullshit people like Sam Harris and Bill Maher are peddling. Also if Islam is really that bad why does the mainstream media always leave out Saudi Arabia the worst of the worst. Oh yeah and intellectual arrogance is not a good thing. Peace.1.


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