Palestine, Islamaphobia, and White Hegemony…

First and foremost Jews are not the only people native to Palestine. And most of the Jews there, are European not West Asian. Anyone in the western world knows having an official religion or any type of ethnic/racial hegemony is absurd. The “Arab” as we know it today is a mixture of numerous (Semitic) groups that lived in West Asia (Middle East) and East Africa as well as the Jew. To the average onlooker a Jew is white and an Arab is brown but in reality a Jew from West Asia (Middle East) is indistinguishable from an Arab. People need to stop trying to dance around this.

The West Asian (Middle Eastern) Jew is more related to the Arab than the Eastern European Jew. Jesus was a brown Palestinian Jew. Israel today is basically a rogue European colony (read: stronghold) imposed upon the native Jews and Arabs of Palestine. Why else do they look at Arabs (and Africans) with such disdain? Because they’re not from there. They quite frankly have a European superiority/god complex. That’s why Israel is racist, fascist, and xenophobic. They honestly don’t like anyone who doesn’t look “white”. It’s quite ironic that Israeli Jews are some of the most antisemitic people on Earth. Semitic doesn’t just mean Jew. Arabs and Ethiopians are also Semitic. They’ve hijacked the term and have been using it as if Jews are the only Semites or at least the only Semites that are worth a damn.

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All of this chaos and confusion was created upon the arrival of the European (European Jew) like always. Before that everything was fine among native Palestinians (Jews and Arabs etc). The majority of the native population was expelled and a particular group was chosen to reign supreme over all others until the end of time. And if Israel has a right to exist okay fine well then why must Israel continuously keep expanding? Colonialism. And what will people say when the entire area of Palestine is under Jewish rule?  Israel actually represents everything bad Europe is known for: racism,fascism,patriarchy,colonialism, xenophobia, bigotry,apartheid, subjugation etc. Think about this: a Middle Eastern country where both brown and black people are seen as completely undesirable, obviously this is a European stronghold. In a sick way they basically replicate all the abuse they took in Europe and basically found another group they can take it out on and feel good about themselves.


Furthermore, it’s so amazing that non-whites are demanded to comply to terms and conditions that whites themselves would dismiss out of hand. This is a global pattern that has occurred in Algeria, the U.S., India, South Africa etc. The non-white is compelled to respect that they are beneath the white and honor that subjugation no matter what. Any type of resistance or rebellion is seen as even worse or more offensive than the original offenses themselves.


In regards to Palestine, one of the last regions on Earth where this is still ongoing, the Palestinian is seen as less than a white, a Jew, a black, and even less than human. The apathy towards Palestinian Arabs is just so astonishing. There’s a clear racial and religious bias but most people really couldn’t care less about their (Palestinians) conditions or their lives or how they’re treated and excuses are constantly created for the Israeli government where in normal circumstances it would be universally condemned. 80 % civilian casualties in Gaza. Palestinians aren’t allowed a harbor or an airport. They only have 2G phone service. They can’t even get chocolate. If their was any other group of people there would be incredible public outrage but because they are non-white and especially Muslim and Arab they are seen as wild animals that belong in an open air zoo that can never be released or they’ll run a muck and viciously rip Israeli society to pieces. When in fact there are Israeli officials who are openly racist and openly call for genocide of the Palestinians.


Liberals and new atheists have succumb to mainly Islamaphobia that is deeply rooted in xenophobia and bigotry. And basically fall into the Neoconservative trap of “well we tried to help these people but they’re all crazy and savage”. And what most whites don’t want to here is that whites are also capable of brutality and savagery and that whites are the source of most of the issues on the planet for the last 500 years. Instead it’s better to dish out blame on the different ethnic groups in these nations whether it’s Asia, Africa, or Latin America.


It’s the same reason no one cared when Saddam used chemical weapons on the Kurds. Or when the U.S. put sanctions on Iraq that killed half a million children. And the same exact reason we don’t even keep track of how many people are dying in Afghanistan. And also the reason the Iraq War was in fact illegal but no one was punished for the complete and utter implosion of a country resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. These people simply aren’t seen as people or even as most animals so their deaths are inconsequential. And the west mainly whites couldn’t careless about their humanity. And it is the west (Europe and it’s extension like U.S. Australia Canada and Israel) that are directly and chiefly responsible for the chaos and confusion in these Muslim nations. As a result they are increasingly coming to the west which seems to be driving a lot of people mad

We simply raise hell then step back and act like we had no part in it and say “see! look, these people are savages!”. It’s not Islam, it’s western intervention (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc) and the support of dictators or war criminals (Mubarak, Saddam, King Abdullah, Netanyahu etc) and radical Islam (Salafism and Wahabism), the arming, training or financial support of “rebels” (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Syrian rebels, Libyan rebels etc). Ever heard the phrase: “I can do bad by myself” ?


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire

The absurdities are that the Palestinians are intrinsically evil or use women and children as human shields or Iran getting nukes or weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, King Abdullah being a benevolent dictator, all of the Middle East problems stem from them being Muslim, etc…The atrocities are the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the destruction of Iraq, women as property, the explosion of terrorist groups, the displacement of millions, and repression of civil rights, etc.

Note: I do not believe that all Jews are equally responsible for the actions of the Israeli government just like I don’t believe all Muslims are equally responsible for ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, 9/11, etc.


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