Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!



I started to peep Flying Lotus years ago after hearing about him here and there. This was of course after he had already established himself as prestigious underground producer. I still haven’t gone back to listen to his early work but I have listened to his last 3 projects and I think this by far is the best to me personally. Before I even listened to the album the cover captivated me.

First off I like the fact that he has actual features on this project like Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, etc. FlyLo has also adopted an alter ego by the name of Captain Murphy which makes an appearance on the album.

The beginning of the album starts off very slow and gradually builds up to my favorite tracks. The song with Kendrick Lamar is jazzy and Kendrick’s verse is of course nothing short of amazing and refreshing. Kendrick’s hook is perfect. The transition to the break at the end was also much needed and added to the overall sonic value of the track.

The song right after with Snoop is very catchy and upbeat. The bass makes gets you into a groove. “Captain Murphy” Flying Lotus’ alter ego is on the track too.The next track that was really memorable for me was “Ready Err Not”. A short little perfect track that with a real catchy drum pattern. It also has random sound effects thrown in that actually go perfect with the vibe of the track. It actually sounds like the Adult Swim bump’s Flying Lotus is also known for. The track right after “Eyes Above” has a chill atmosphere with fast pace drums and jazzy hats at the end. “The Boys Who Died In Their Sleep” has the usual chill eerie vibe with a guest appearance of the infamous Captain Murphy discussing abusing prescription medication as a result of mental illness. The last track I found really interesting is also the last track on the album “The Protest”. It has choir vocals in the background and some really head nodding drums. It comes and goes really quickly. The vocals start off and then the drums come in and then the song is over.


Most of the tracks are short, hovering around two minutes. The overall album time is like half hour. This is exactly the type of project I been waiting for from an artist I been meaning to get into. I like when I come artists that instantly attract me to them musically physically and mentally. I also like artists that make me long for their magnum opus or for when they can reach their full potential. I think Flying Lotus is definitely reaching his full potential and is just now approaching his zenith in hip hop. The tracks are short and sweet and to the point and aren’t in a traditional song structure of hook-verse, which is getting rather archaic to me. I think this project definitely lives up to the hype and anticipation. Of course this is my personal opinion and you should listen to it yourself but I’ll give it a 8/10.


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