Capitalism Is A Religion: Free Market Fundamentalism and Anarcho-Capitalism


Here’s a list of statements and questions free market fundamentalists need to accept and answer.

1. Freedom doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

2. Your actions (social and economic) have effects on other people other than yourself. Your actions do have consequences.

3. Economic freedom doesn’t trump social freedom.

4. The goal of capitalism is to earn as much capital as possible despite what may happen to land and labor.

5. The omnipotent omnipresent god-like free market will not save you.

6. There is no economic stability in a free market.

7. Stop thinking of freedom only in the relation to the state. At one point people were privately owned by other people. Autonomy and independence should be across the board.

8. The state is the only mechanism that can reign in the power of the oligarchs. Being apathetic to the state will only backfire.

9. There are certain things that have to be off the table. Not everything is for sale. Human are not commodities, the oceans, seas, and rivers are not commodities. The forests, trees, and plants are not commodities. Animals are not commodities. Oil and other natural resources are not commodities. You can’t own the moon. My soul is not for sale.

10. Once you privatize your natural resources, you’re screwed.

11. Healthcare, education and security should not be completely privatized. There is no positive outcome to this.

12. The state and corporations are against you.

13. Worker’s rights and consumer’s rights do matter.

14. In the free market you are always at the mercy of those already established. And those who are established can dictate to you what you must do in order to acquire food, clothing, and shelter. In capitalism those who have capital pretty much rule the day.

15. If you never redistribute wealth (even though wealth is always being redistributed, you merely have issue with redistributing wealth to the poor) then you never undo poverty.

16. Free market cannot be implemented on a national level. And everyone would have to already be rich.

17. Stop acting like economic freedom cannot conflict with social freedom.

18. Hyper individualistic freedom doesn’t make sense

19. Stop acting like everyone is on equal terms. There’s generational wealth, and some people are not as privileged as others.

20. Without social safety nets; when there’s a recession or a depression or a panic; the average person is hurt more and can’t bounce back.

21. (Your version of) Capitalism is not the end all be all.

22. The Free Market is not flawless.

23. The interest of the bourgeoisie and the proliterait must be balanced, whether you like it or not.

24. Stop acting like you’re an island onto yourself. You were taught at school by someone else, someone raised you, someone taught you how to read and write, someone takes your trash, and someone waits on you at a restaurant etc etc Society by definition is interdependent.

25. Complete economic freedom (read: economic chaos) will translate into social chaos.

26. Free market fundamentalists believe that they should be allowed to make as much $ as possible despite consequence to the environment, economy, society, etc.

27. The Free market has no real answer to income inequality.

28. Capitalism breeds sociopathic tendencies.

29. Most people will never accept a “Free Market” when you go into details about what that means and what they’ll have to give up in reality – they will reject it.

30. Free market fundamentalists will argue that if you don’t deregulate (read: let the established do what they want) then corporations and merchants (read: the established) will take their business elsewhere. So if they can’t make you a serf they’ll just go make someone a serf somewhere else.

31. Capitalism did not get us here all by itself. It was capitalism a long with socialist policies.

32. Freedom to do what you want is in conflict with freedom of intrusion by others.

33. Not being in debt after your eye balls gives you more freedom.

34. Its not about limiting government but making it more democratic.

35. Capitalism is in direct opposition to democracy.

36. If free market capitalism works then why does it have to be implemented at gun point around the world? Iraq? Argentina? Chile? Iran? Guatemala? El Salvador? Cuba? Congo? etc

37. Hong Kong has the most economic freedom but incredible income inequality.

38. You already need capital to play but the banks are basically schemes at this point.

39. You have to look at the situation at hand. Cutting taxes and deregulating etc doesn’t work in every concievable scenario.

40. Why is it that countries that are social democratic are developing better or more developed than countries that aren’t?

41. There is no reasonable or rational free market answer to climate change. If you leave it up to the market, we will all die.

42. Greed shall not save humanity.Greed does not make economic sense.

43. Why do the oligarchs want less government intervention in the economy too?

44. The more you embrace hyper individuality and the free market the more it becomes every man woman and child for themselves.

45. Free market capitalism leads to social Darwinism or social Calvinism (since the winners are already decided because they’re already established), whoever has the most capital will be lead to salvation everyone else is cast into the inferno (read: poverty).

46. Growth does not equal prosperity.

47. Free market capitalism is predatory capitalism.

48. If you’re against hierarchy and control then it can’t just apply to government but also to corporations and business.

49. There’s nothing wrong with government investment.

50. Economic predation leads to stagnant innovation.

51. There are situations in which the government must intervene, the government is the public and the public must protect itself. In capitalism the government (read: the public) cannot act. This also ties in with climate change. If one cannot act to save themselves than this ideology (read: theology) is, quite frankly stupid.

52. The market is not benevolent and never has been and never will be. It goes from ambivalent and then transitions into malevolent (read: fascism).

53. Free market capitalism leads to oligarchy (mainly plutocracy).

54. Economic hierarchy left unchecked can dominate the political hierarchy thus creating oligarchy.

55. Adam Smith was not a prophet, Freidrich Hayek was not a prophet, Milton Friedman was a false prophet, Ayn Rand was a false prophet.

56. You can’t buy your way into Heaven or out of Hell.

57. Capitalism creates counterproductive profit incentives like profit based prisons, defense contractors, gun manufacturers, private military, for-profit schools etc. The drug war and the war on terror are because of Capitalism.

58. Capitalism is causing mass migration into the West. You want movement of capital but not movement of humans who obviously are going to follow that capital.

59. Capitalism atomizes society through materialism and class and capital and property.

60. Personal good does not trump common good. We cannot all suffer because of your personal ambitions.

61. Capitalism makes it so the average individual (the worker) basically lives to serve the merchant (the employer). Profit is not distributed evenly. If you have 100 people working somewhere and 1 boss. And the boss gets $100,000.00 and everybody else gets $100. The boss’ authority is thus illegitimate and the workers can respond anyway they wish and yes that includes taking the money from the boss. *Gasps

62. Capitalism creates depression because of consumerism and materialism and debt slavery and exploitation.

63. Capitalism makes people shallow because you’re worth directly depends on the capital required to purchase your property and materials.

64. Capitalism leads to over-consumption.

65. We cannot simply consume infinitely with a finite amount of resources.


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