RIGHT WING AMERIKKKA: Christian Caliphate, Neo Confederacy, White Supremacy and Medieval Morality



Let me first start by defining “The Right” vs “The Left”. The Left is liberal, progressive, socialism, Marxism, communism, anarcho-socialism etc. The Right is conservatism, libertarianism, nationalism, fascism, anarcho-capitalism etc. In the United States two party political system the Left are usually Democrats and the Right are usually Republican. The Right typically wants things to remain the same or go backwards. And the Left typically wants to make changes to society or go forward. The Far Right is usually Fascism and the Far Left is usually Socialism.

Over the past 40 years there’s been a hostile takeover of the United States by far right wing consciousness and culture. We have been feeding into our primitive impulses and accommodating the fringe while normalizing radicalism. Extremism has become a way of life. Under the Bush administration we took a quantum leap in just 8 years into the incoherent abyss of the far right. Every single institution or system in the nation was systematically destroyed, the constitution became irrelevant and the rule of law has been neutralized.

After the Bush Administration we got a glimmer of hope embodied by the then Senator Barack Obama whose presidency has turned out to be its own nightmare. He has adopted many of Bush’s policies and actually doubled down and triple down on them. On paper Barack Obama is basically the same as Collin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. The only difference between the democratic and republican parties is that they differ on social issues or just how much we should destroy another country.

Ever since Obama was elected the militias in the country have skyrocketed (which usually happens when there’s a democratic president) and the amount of Ayn Rand’s (the antithesis to Mother Teresa and the Goddess of the GOP) books being bought has gone through the roof. The government is once again routinely blamed for predatory capitalism and economic instability. The federal government always being the fall guy for bad policies. The tea party movement emerged calling Obama a unamerican Kenyan Marxist jihadist dictator (to put it very mildly). When he’s actually a moderate conservative at best. It was almost an instantaneous vendetta against the president for no apparent reason other than his race.

In order to create distance between themselves and the president the right has had to propel themselves further over the deep end and have let the lunatics run a muck. They’ve become a political wing to a growing insurgency in America. The republicans have now been split among three incoherent fault lines of sheer madness: Libertarians/anarcho-capitalists, corporatists/fascists/war mongers, and Christian fundamentalists/Christian Taliban. It should be stunningly obvious that each of these factions contradict one another but I digress.

By feeding into the radical and emboldening the protofascist confederate groups and deliberately undermining, obstructing and sabotaging the federal government from within they are creating a scenario in which the federal government is rendered illegitimate. Any government that isn’t left leaning when addressing the ills of a society is automatically rendered illegitimate.

Now during the intentional political paralysis the masses become disgusted with government, institutions, bureaucracy, democratic process etc because they don’t function. Anyone who claims to be against the establishment is immediately heralded as a savior. More and more right wing radicals are voted into congress. A number of historians and scholars have compared our current situation to the former Yugoslavia and Nazi Germany in the 30s. The growing American insurgency is becoming more emboldened everyday.

It becomes a tournament of sheer madness with candidates trying to outdo each other. Red states have governors that are effectively feudal lords with horrendous policies in Florida, Michigan, Texas, New Jersey, Kansas etc. In the last election Maryland elected an openly neo-confederate candidate. Governor of Maine, Paul Le Page, actually associates with a domestic group called Sovereign Citizens. These places are actively purging their own parties so that no one can hold them back when they run a muck.



However, what the Right doesn’t realize is that they are playing with fire. There are highly excitable elements in this society that have always lived on the right; sometimes taking the helm of the right entirely that are still there waiting for a chance to bring about the America they want. These are the same people who wanted to remain loyal to the crown, who loved medieval inquisition, and witch trials and slavery and native american genocide and segregation. These are the people who openly don’t believe in democracy (because it’s “gang rape”), taxation (because it’s “theft”), liberal institutions, federal government, etc. These are the people that believe anything the government does good or bad is bad. These are the people who never gave up on their dream of the Confederacy. These are the groups that want the state governments to be their own little fiefdoms. These are the followers to the religion of Capitalism (read: Neo-feudalism/neo-capitalism) who believe the poor are sinners, poverty is hell, the rich are saints, and wealth is heaven and money is God, . These are the Cults of Ayn Rand, the Cults of Ron Paul, the Cults of Milton Friedman, The Cults of Ronald Reagan, The Cults of The Founding Fathers, The Cults of R.W Emerson etc. who have all inherited the burden of the resurrection of the Confederacy or the “true America” (even though the Confederacy is intrinsically treasonous and anti-american but who cares). The glues that binds them together being their version of capitalism (read: Neo Feudalism/Neo Colonialism) being fused with Eurocentric Christian fundamentalism and white mythology. They want to return to either the 80s, the 50s and 60s, the Roaring 20s, The Guilded Age, the Confederacy, the beginning of the United States, or to the 13 colonies. Never forward, never change, never progress, only backwards. They believe that the white race is under attack and there has been an indirect white genocide through diversity in the United States. They are the rightful heirs of the original Tea Party and The Founding Fathers. They and they alone know what is best for the country. They and they alone are the vanguards of liberty. All coalescing into a united insurgency against anyone not of their ilk. They perceive the cultural changes in society as a direct assault on them personally and they are intolerant, insensitive, inhumane, tribal, hyper-masculine, patriarchal, apathetic, amoral, aggressive, and war-like. And they are not alone…



The Christian extremists/fundamentalists  and evangelicals (read: Christian ISIS) have long since been allies to the Conservative Crisis Cults.  They believe they must undertake a struggle (read: Jihad) to “take back” America to fictional glory days or return America back to a God fearing nation and export those “values” around the world. And they’re Christian Jihad has largely been successful. America is the most far right developed country on Earth besides Israel, and yet it still is not enough. Their mentality and morality is medieval in nature. They have merely inherited the consciousness of the Bronze Age through the medium of The Bible much like the Islamic extremist (the other side of the coin) have inherited that same consciousness from the Quran (and the Bible). They want to destroy any traces of secularism and liberalism (and multiculturalism) holding the country back from ascending (read: descending) into a “Judeo-Christian” dominion (read: theocracy).

They claim to be acting on behalf of Jesus but seem to take their inspiration from people like Joshua, Gideon, and Abraham. They seem to prefer warrior kings more than any other archetype. They actually like Mohammad more than Jesus. They also seem to be getting more brazen and rabid as the country socially progresses towards more equality and the war drums are beating louder than ever from the right wing media concerning immigration, gay marriage, abortion, government etc.  They’ve harnessed and directed their rage for their socioeconomic situations towards these numerous perceived cultural threats. The Christian extremists are reactionary in nature like much of much America and are preparing for the coming “battles”.

What will happen when these people are finally successful and turn this country into a third world dystopia? What will happen when we have another civil war or a race war or religious or revolutionary war? What will happen when the federal government (the only mechanism capable of  fighting money, power, and influence) is rendered useless? What will happen if we really are plunged into a state of economic anarchy? What will happen if a Christian Caliphate is formed in the United States ?



The United States is like an Atlantis sunken in an ocean of guns. There are now 250-300 million guns in this country. Over 30,000 people die each year because of gun violence, apparently the cost of freedom. Despite the numerous shooting and domestic terrorist attacks the political paralysis I mentioned earlier has resulted in zero legislation being passed to address this stark issue. We have as many firearms as third world countries. The Christian ISIS love guns just as much if not more than the Islamic fundamentalists half a world away.

The second amendment in the United States constitution is usually sited as a reason to maintain gun anarchy in America. The second amendment reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This clearly states the main intentions behind allowing the populous to bear arms is so that we can collaborate with one another when we need to defend ourselves from external threats. So the second amendment is more social than individual. When you’re taking on the government, stamping out a slave rebellion, defending against a British invasion or them pesky Indians attack again, or when you need to round up a possey for whatever reasons, you need to work together with other individuals. And of course yes self defense as an individual. The second amendment was not meant for individuals to hoard as many guns as possible and to idol worship deadly phallic symbols of hyper masculinity.

Guns have also become symbols of nationalism and American identity much like the American (and Confederate) flag(s), the Bible, the constitution, apple pie, cup of joe etc. They are apart of the soul of America and are inseparable from the culture and consciousness of the right wing. Even the mere mention of mitigating the gun deaths in this country is met with a barrage of attacks and hyperboles from the right. At this point one cannot even acknowledge the deaths without facing some kind of condemnation. Of course it is our power to act but we are constantly told from the right, the harbingers of the status quo, not to act on this issue or numerous others. Congress couldn’t even get a universal background check for fear of their constituents and their NRA slave masters. The alchemist and propagandists slaves of the NRA have successfully fused god (read: zealotry), guns (read: hyper-masculinity), and country (read: ultra-nationalism)

Now in the state of paranoia that comes from gun anarchy and perceiving everybody around you who isn’t of your ilk at trying to kill you because you pissed them off for one reason or another; leading to persistent right wing vigilante massacres. The mafia takes advantage of the situation during alcohol prohibition and begins using heavy firepower against their enemies including the police. The NRA (National Rifle Association) makes a pact with the devil (the gun manufacturers) and begins profiteering off of paranoia currently lead by the deceitful demagogue Wayne LaPierre. The drug war begins which is utterly insane on both sides, becoming increasingly armed on both sides, with street gangs purchasing military issue weapons and the police militarizing exponentially over a few decades. This has resulted in black on black crime being exceptionally high (but now is going down) and exceptionally high white on white crime that seems to be increasing to the point that the public has become numb to the avoidable deaths. While on the law enforcement side there are relentless amounts of police brutality unequivocal to anywhere else on Earth. The state violence and the street violence are almost utterly unbelievable.

Most of the time people who own guns don’t use them for self defense.  Most of the killers in mass shootings obtained their guns legally. There are plenty of studies that prove more guns equal more gun violence yet those on the right tell us if everyone had a gun it would deter violence. This actually just creates a primitive chaotic society with no order where individuals are in perpetual conflict (read: shootouts, murders, robberies etc) with each other much like people in countries of extreme violence we look down upon such as Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Mexico etc.

People are so emotionally attached to these particular objects that they cannot think straight. Do you really need a silencer? A hundred round magazine? Body armor? Are you honestly going to go everywhere with an AK-47? Are you going to take your AK-47 to church with you? So there’s no way of preventing the mentally ill (schizophrenic,psychotic,sociopathic etc) from acquiring guns? Does me saying any of this automatically make me anti-gun? There’s a fundamental issue in the united states where people think that if you do not take something to the extreme then you’re doing it right. If you’re not a christian fundamentalist then you’re not a christian. If you don’t hate men then you’re not a feminist. If you don’t believe America is the greatest country ever then you’re not patriotic. If you don’t gorge yourself to death then you’re starving. If you’re not a gun nut then you don’t like guns. I personally and absolutely reject that line of thinking. I personally would like to own a gun in the future but I don’t think I’m required to be a fanatic. I am not an extremist and we are obviously at an extreme.

The term “gun control” is frightening to a lot of Americans but most of us actually would want specific policies associated with gun control like universal background checks and stopping mentally ill people from obtaining guns. It is universally understood that stricter gun laws results in less guns and less deaths. A leads to B leads to C. We clearly have an issue at hand and we have to do something about it. We cannot simply do nothing. No one is demanding that we specifically do one thing or another but we should do something. The freedom to die in the street is not freedom. Chaos is not freedom.


hqdefault (1)

The secession movement has been growing in the resurrection of the confederacy in the 21st century. The dysfunctional federal government has reinvigorated the secessionist movement and they’re gaining ground in their claims that the United States is incapable of maintaining it’s current size or that disassembling the country into much smaller states will solve all their problems that originate in Washington DC.

Of course this can backfire when you have a fiefdom ruled by the local nobility. We already see corruption on a state and city level in much of America. And the states are simply microcosms for the issues we all face on a national level with many states like Kansas becoming laboratories for plutocracy. Meanwhile, a lot of issues can be solved at the federal level for all of us. Secession can also prove problematic when the state legislature is no longer beholden to the United States constitution. This could open the flood gates for all kinds of civil rights abuses. Not to mention economically speaking a lot of the states with the largest amount of secessionists can not survive without the federal government or other economic powerhouses like New York and California.

The obsession with secession is a long lasting 150 year tradition concentrated in the South. In the confederacy, each state stated its reasoning for secession was because of slavery. South Carolina which had the most slaves was the first state to succeed and was the state where the Civil War started at Fort Sumner. There are still plenty of myths that are circulated about the secession of the south.Today there are activists and political leaders calling for secession and nullification as a result of legalized gay marriage in particular among other issues. Former U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul has stated that secession is already on its way due to the failures of our governments and economic systems and we should rejoice. When unilateral or de facto secession is illegal and will obviously result in an internal conflict within the United States



The original Confederacy was started 150 years ago in 1861 and lasted only 4 years. A number of southern states seceded due to the election of Abraham Lincoln which was seen as a precursor to the abolition of slavery. Then the Confederacy proceeded to attack the United States at Fort Sumner. The Confederacy ultimately was never recognized by any country and their elected leader President Jefferson Davis was a dictator and they were getting tired of their own medicine before they lost to the United States. The Civil War resulted in the greatest number of casualties in any war in American history – all over the “right” to own slaves. And ever since then the Right has made a concerted effort to revise this nations history and the origins of such terms as “property rights” and “states rights” in their beloved white mythology and collective denial.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“The term neo-Confederacy is used to describe twentieth and twenty-first century revivals of pro-Confederate sentiment in the United States. Strongly nativist and advocating measures to end immigration, neo-Confederacy claims to pursue Christianity and heritage and other supposedly fundamental values that modern Americans are seen to have abandoned.

Neo-Confederacy also incorporates advocacy of traditional gender roles, is hostile towards democracy, strongly opposes homosexuality, and exhibits an understanding of race that favors segregation and suggests white supremacy. In many cases, neo-Confederates are openly secessionist.”

There are still remnants of the old confederacy all over the country such as Nathan B Forest high school named after a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Confederacy Lt. General up until late 2013. And of course the majority of people going to that high school are black. There are plenty of statues and highways named of confederate “heroes” (read: traitors). The confederate flag still waves over South Carolina’s capital. South Carolina has numerous memorials for Gov. Wade Hampton who used right wing death squads to terrorize black voters and kill some 150. The University of Texas has a statue of Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis has a highway named after him. In 2007 a confederate monument was unveiled in Georgetown, Delaware (Delaware wasn’t part of the Confederacy). There’s a Confederate Memorial in Romney, West Virginia. This is rather comical because the whole reason why West Virginia exists is because they didn’t want to be apart of the Confederacy because they didn’t own slaves. In Helena, Montana there’s a Confederate Memorial Fountain. Kentucky has many confederate monuments and even one in it’s capital when during the Civil War Kentucky was neutral but was still invaded by the Confederacy. Then Kentucky’s state government decided to join the Union and the capital was eventually taken by force by the confederacy.

There are nearly 200 schools named after confederate leaders. 10 military bases named after confederate leaders including Fort Benning with the inglorious School of the Americas. 12 U.S. presidents own slaved at one point or another. Andrew Jackson the president on the twenty dollar bill not only did ethnic cleansing of Native Americans but had this to say about slavery: “As far as lenity can be extended to these unfortunate creatures I wish you to do so; subordination must be obtained first, and then good treatment.” At least 25 presidents were descendants of slave owners. The Confederate battle flag was raised in states across the south during the civil rights movement for obvious racial resistance to desegregation. There are 5 states that have incorporated the confederate flag into their own state flags. As of 2014 there are over 784 different hate groups across the United States.

Numerous politicians and presidents have been apart of or rumored to have been apart of the Ku Klux Klan. The Tea Party which is really the unhooded form of the Klan has many candidates and politicians gradually purging the Republican Party on a state by state level. The GOP has become the political wing of the Neo-Confederates and the domestic terrorists groups have become the military wing and the right wing media are simply the propaganda wing centralizing at Fox News.



The media has been giving these people a platform to perform and has become a theater of the absurd, allowing anyone to assert almost anything regardless if it’s based in reality – it’s become a culture. People going on and on and on about this country being godless because of abortion or the border or secularist government or gay rights.

The Right has many luminaries with considerable influence and acknowledgment who have embraced this culture. People such as Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’ Reilly, Ann Coulter, Adam Kokesh, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, etc. War mongers like John McCain  and Bill Krystal and Lindsey Graham. War Criminals like Dick Cheney can write books about their crimes and do speeches and go to colleges and give lectures and come on television and defend torture and wars of aggression and mass surveillance. And nobody on the Left can even attempt to have such influence besides an Imperial Agitator like Bill Maher or a comedian like Jon Stewart or be called a communist conspirator.  The Left in the United States has been neutered. Liberal is routinely seen as a “dirty word”. It’s the Red Scare all over again with a Dark Age twist. Joe McCarthy lives on in Ted Cruz. These people have astonishingly created a vast and powerful machine of propagandists to monetize and market fear. There are people who have literally earned a fortune from peddling fear. Fear of the federal government, the immigrant, the black, the Jew, homosexuals, Muslims, etc etc. All of this paranoia was inherited from the xenophobic, bigoted, racist, sexist, antisemitic foundations of America. Fear the slave, fear the Native American, fear the Chinese, fear the Mexican…then it was fear the Jew, fear the Irish, fear the Italian, fear the German etc.

Now the revolution that should of came from the Left is already gaining ground from the Far Right. It’s a suicidal fixation on a perverted interpretation of freedom that will ultimately bring about the demise of the country especially those who are the biggest proponents of this inglorious Confederate jihad – the rural redneck ignorant southerner.

Leading the way in this suicidal death march further and further into the right wing abyss is none other than the inglorious Fox News. The more Fox News moves to the right and the more they become brazen with their sexism, racism, militarism, bigotry, xenophobia, and blind obedience to the establishment, the more this country is pushed into the abyss. Fox News is literally the loudspeaker rallying up the troops of the numerous clans on the Right. Fox News actually has the highest ratings despite being proven time and time again as being pure misinformation. The rest of the media actually just follows Fox News’ lead, just to different degrees. They went on and on and on about President Obama being a Muslim (even though they went after him for attending Jeremiah Wright’s Church) and not being from United States and of course the rest of the corporate mainstream media gave in. Bill O’ Reilly being the conservative (read: fascist) patriarch that he is actually dictates the direction of the country. In reality, the entire mainstream media is actually racist, sexist, xenophobic, and pro- establishment but Fox News is just the most blatant and merely paves the way. This can be seen quite vividly with how the press treats black victims, white shooters (read: white terrorists) and Muslims. The rest of the media will even sometimes say “well you know they do have a point”. This is their way of validating everything the Right asserts in order to seem “fair and balanced”. The Right of course takes advantage of this by constantly portraying themselves as persecuted. Persecuted by Liberals, Democrats, homosexual agenda, political correctness, secularism, multiculturalism, tolerance, integration, federal government, Hollywood, blacks, immigrants, Jews etc.

They speak in the language of platitudes, persona, charisma, ancestor worship, war, subliminal racism, etc. They try to constantly excite and incite the reactionary right wing radicals (read: Crisis Cults). They use trigger words like “freedom” (in my opinion the most misused word in the English language), “patriot” “founding fathers” “9/11” “holocaust” “judeo-christian” “liberty” “constitution” “state’s rights” etc. At this point any middle aged white guy with a suit on can come on tv and use one of these trigger words to essentially justify anything. Their greed is insatiable. Their blood lust is insatiable. Their paranoia is insatiable.

It’s not only the mainstream media but online media where antisemitism and racism and islamaphobia and sexism are allowed to run rampant. Certain websites have become incubators for hateful maniacs where people can be unabashedly hateful towards minorities, lgbt community, and women. Sites like Stormfront that have saw it’s subscribers increase exponentially in recent years to over 300,000 strong. This particular site has even lead to deaths of nearly a hundred people in hate crimes.

See all these politicians and propagandists that are preaching fire and brimstone to the choir to get elected don’t realize that the choir is actually about what they say they are. The Right constantly uses the formula of romanticizing sado-masochistic revolution and fetishizing weaponry and relentlessly demonizing their political opponents to achieve their goals despite what the consequences may be. The ultra-nationalists, nativists, neo-confederates, anarchists, voluntarists, libertarians, Christian extremists, white supremacists, etc are dead serious.


maxresdefault (4)

There have always been domestic terrorists with the United States for example the KKK one of the world’s most notorious terrorists had a methodical and relentless campaign against specifically blacks for much of the 19th and 20th century that one point had millions of members.They were pretty much wiped out multiple times but in recent years have been making a comeback as crisis cults form in Third World America especially with the influx of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have largely been thrown into the wind. Contrary to popular belief there are many chapters across the United States mainly on the Northeast and Southeast.

Another example being the greatest right wing terror attack on American soil, the OKC bombing done by Timothy McVeigh and ever since then there’s been a long list of terrorists following in his footsteps. We’ve also seen an alarming amount of abortion clinic terrorism following the rhetoric in recent years of conservative politicians who liken it to genocide. Even though every developed country has some form of abortion and in the countries that don’t women routinely die in mass. And the vast majority of abortions happen in the 1st trimester and the majority of planned parenthood’s money doesn’t even go to abortions. Disregarding the facts of course, the jihad against abortion clinics rages on as just another right wing campaign against civilization itself.

Another legacy of white supremacy and white hegemony and white terror is vigilantism. Vigilantes have been used routinely in this country as paramilitary thugs to go after the weak and vulnerable and leftists groups with the non direct consent of the state.The main flunky of divide and rule, vigilantes have terrorized native Americans, workers, blacks, Asians, Jews, and other immigrants. A black man is killed by a vigilante or a police officer every 28 hours.  American culture glorifies vigilantism and vengeance. The American people often equate vengeance (read: blood lust) with justice. Archetypes of vigilantes and lone gunman are deified by the American public as heroic through the mediums of television and Hollywood. These characters include Dirty Harry, Rambo, John McClane, and most recently Chris Kyle in American Sniper. The idea of kicking ass and taking names are intoxicating to those infatuated with aggression and bravado. There’s this fundamental idea that one must go beyond the pail and take actions into ones own hands and do outlandish things in this either pragmatic black and white polarized world or this amoral amorphous grey, in order to accomplish the objectives that need to get done – but only if your man enough. 

Just like Cliven Bundy was man enough to stand up against government “tyranny” and end up in a year long stand off with federal agents at his ranch. And of course, he got a formidable amount of support from the right wing media machine. Following that of course he made a couple of incendiary statements and then was cast aside. And now of course he’s now friendly with Rand Paul which isn’t quite surprising given they clearly have overlap in their world view(s).

The fact is ever since President Obama’s election in 2008 there has been a drastic increase in militias in this country. There have actually been more right wing terrorists attempts/attacks than Muslim extremists. Domestic terrorism is definitely on the rise in the U.S with Christian terrorism being on the rise internationally. The mainstream media largely ignores the white terrorists or labels them as “shooters” because of course only a  Muslim can be a terrorist. And they don’t look like what the average Americans has been trained to perceive as a terrorist (basically they don’t look Middle Eastern).
The Bush Administration actually put together a report on this before leaving the white house and it was released by the Obama Administration. And as you can predict the Right were livid and Fox News belligerently lead the way as usual. The issue was politicized and the Obama Administration as usual capitulated. The threat ever since has been one of the Unite State’s numerous dirty little secrets.

Some lay in wait for the time when they are called upon to take on the federal government. Some of course are tired of waiting and starting to take matters into their own hands. The deadliest threat being Sovereign Citizens. They’re essentially anarchist who don’t recognize the federal government or any entities sovereignty over them. These are the people who adopt the mantra of the right that all your problems can be solved through force. They believe the issues in this country involving race, diversity, politics, society and culture can be solved with using force. And they have been increasingly using force on individuals and groups they perceive as “threatening”.

However, what’s so amazing is that white conservative Christian terrorists are never called terrorists and the sources of their belief system is always left out of the discussion. We’ve witnessed ad naseuam the constant terror attacks across the country being perpetrated by these individuals who usually subscribe to radical right wing hate groups or domestic terrorist cells.

Of course the most recent terrorist attack being on a historic black church by a white supremacist. And of course the white conservative media pundits claim it had nothing to do with racism (when the alleged murderer proclaimed he was starting a race war) but part of a larger war on Christians in general. Just collective, reflexive, denial of reality. And terrorism is by default left out of the dialogue once again. Everyone has focused on removing the Confederate flag from state buildings which has resulted in a Neo confederate “counter attack” (read: Jihad). Republican presidential candidates refuse to acknowledge it was about race for fear of upsetting their base which largely consists of conscious and subconscious white racists.The Republican party is aware that maybe not all conservatives are white supremacists but white supremacists are always conservative.



Ever since the Civil Rights Act the Republicans have made it their mission to recruit racists to their cause and use coded language and “covert” tactics to still champion the interests of rich white heterosexual christian males at the expense of everyone else with blacks alongside the aid of the (Jewish controlled) government being the chief antagonists. Some would say that modern day conservatism/libertarianism is inseparable from white supremacy and white hegemony. There’s no reason to distinguish one from the other because they lead to the same conclusion which is why racists are attracted to conservative ideology such as “states rights” (right to own slaves and discriminate), “property rights” (right to own slaves and discriminate) etc. The racists know what’s going on and the minorities know what’s going on but the average american, precisely, the average conservative is clueless. Even a classism critique of conservatism still pertains to race because minorities on average have less wealth than whites and are disproportionately effected by class struggles. And the dogma of never redistributing wealth (when we’re currently redistributing wealth to the wealthy) means that the wealth is never distributed to the average minority who historically has less wealth. Their hate for government is rooted in the fact that it was government that gave us the 13th ,14th, and 15th amendments. It was government that gave women the right to vote. It was government that made them accept integration. It was the federal government that defeated the Confederacy and made them free their slaves. It was government that gave us the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. It was government that passed affirmative action. It was the Supreme Court that legalized abortion and now gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act. It’s government that protects the consumers and the workers. And it’s government, the unified might of the people, that will eventually through the democratic process chisel away at white power, white wealth, and white influence and bring balance to this nation. And that balance is what they fear the most.

As I’ve illustrated in this very text, the Republican party as well as mainstream and independent conservative ideologues have routinely used inflammatory, insensitive, and hyperbolic rhetoric to motivate a radical rabid racist reactionary right wing coalition. That may result in a situation similar to that in the former Yugoslavia that vomited out such repulsive genocidal maniacs as Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic who also craved civil war, race war, and ethnic cleansing.

I did not write this article merely to ostracize and ridicule my fellow Americans. I am doing this to appeal to the moderates and rational, sane, people left in the country that are as equally alarmed at our current situation as me. The United States is in a very dangerous position where our fates and the fate of this country and it’s future depends on us identifying, isolating and neutralizing the cultural, social, economic, and political threats to equality, peace, justice, freedom, civil rights etc. If we fail to mount a successful counter attack to these threats the country can be plunged into a broken dystopia or a third world theocracy or a completely plutocratic state. We are seeing sporadic blind or calculated resistance but it’s not enough with a unified front. The civil rights movement attempted to do this and achieved specific goals but was crushed before it could complete it’s mission of liberating us (all of us) from old rich white domination.The foundations of white privilege, white supremacy and white hegemony must be finally be broken and we must be as ruthless, relentless, and radical as our opponents. There needs to be a counter balance to the antagonistic efforts of the (Far) Right that may come to backfire on us all.


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