New Atheist: Atheist Fundamentalism 101

New Atheism has become a cult within Atheism. Many of the popular atheist that appear on television such as Sam Harris and Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins are actually delegitimizing atheism and drowning out the voices of moderate rational atheist. They display all the same traits as other fundamentalists. Some atheists seem to be confused about what those particular traits are so I’m going to point them out for you here:

1. Atheist fundamentalists believe that it’s everyone verse them. Much like Christian fundamentalists believe the same thing.

2. Atheist fundamentalists are essentially NeoConservatives when it comes to Foreign Policy. They believe we should torture (even though torture doesn’t work and people were once tortured to admit they’re witches and wizards). They believe that our wars in the middle east are just by default because of what the Muslims believe. Sam Harris infamously stated in his book “The End of Faith” that we may have to drop a nuke on a Middle Eastern (Read: West Asian) country which sounds eerily similar to what this guy suggested and this guy. Atheist fundamentalists basically believe that all our failures in West Asia are the result of them believing in Muhammad and the Quran and the Hadith and never anything on our part.

3. Atheist fundamentalists automatically refuse anything considered “abstract”. That may be proven later with science.

4. Atheist fundamentalists such as Bill Maher and Sam Harris routinely remove nuance and historical context from any discussion relating to Islam.

5. Militant atheists like to focus on particular countries in the “Middle East” such as Saudi Arabia (which we support) and Iran or to ISIS and the Taliban and equate them to all Muslims on Earth. It is actually the same tactics the media uses against different people of color:

All Muslims are equally responsible for 9/11 and Al Qaeda and ISIS and the Taliban etc.

All Blacks are equally responsible for bloods, crips, black on black crime, etc.

All Latinos are equally responsible for illegal immigration.

All Africans are equally  responsible for Ebola and HIV/AIDS.

6. “New Atheists” have never actually studied religion and are not religious scholars and don’t have degrees in religion but profess to know everything a particular religion is about simply by using the internet.

7. “New Atheists” typically get a crash course on atheism involving watching videos on youtube of people getting their heads cut off and Pat Robertson videos.

8. Atheist fundamentalists are basically right wing extremist version of Atheism.

9. Atheist fundamentalists believe antagonizing is equal to rebellion.

10. Militant Atheists are bigoted because they make broad stereotypical claims about Muslims that mainly apply to Semitic groups like Arabs. And use Arabs as an example of all Muslims. Much like tribal Africans in the jungle are used as an example of all blacks. Or the tactics of displaying violence in a particular country like Mexico and making it seem like all Latinos are savage.This is a typical imperial tactic of depicting those who oppose you as animals.

11. New Atheists actually operate like Christian fundamentalists by turning people away from Atheism much like Christian fundamentalists turn people away from religion. So a lot of people may not be a part of an organized religion but they still don’t consider themselves atheist.

12. Atheist fundamentalists believe that if was religion was gone or all believers were non believers that the world would magically be a better place. However, racism, militarism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, nationalism, etc wouldn’t go away.

13. Atheist fundamentalists think that everyone who believes in God is automatically less intelligent or mentally ill.

14. Militant Atheists only want to focus on the negative in the different religions.

15. New Atheists pretty much don’t even have beef with religions or religious practice just Christianity and Islam.

16. New Atheists like Sam Harris think Israel can do no wrong and it’s all them damn (Muslim) Palestinians fault.

17. Militant Atheists act as if there is nothing you can learn from any religion. So there’s nothing I can learn from Buddhism, or The Gospels, or the Hadith, or Hinduism? Okay sure.

18. Atheist fundamentalists don’t understand that in third world countries by default people are going to behave primitively.

19. Atheist fundamentalists attribute everything negative in civilization to religion much like people on the right attribute everything wrong with civilization to government.

20. New Atheists don’t want to accept that no one actually takes their scriptures completely literally.

21. New Atheists don’t understand that a vast majority of people don’t do negative things because of their religion and focus on the positive things of their religion which is the best that we can hope for at this moment not that they will just completely give up on God simply because your idea of “God” (a man in the sky) isn’t real.

22. Atheist fundamentalists reject that there may be a “God” or universal consciousness beyond our understanding.

23. Atheist fundamentalists are obsessed with getting people to accept that “God” isn’t real and therefore reject it (it’s obviously not male or female). The thing is who cares if I believe in God or not if I’m not hurting anyone or promoting hate or violence etc. Let me believe my “foolish” idea.

24. Militant atheists don’t want to accept that regardless of what is in a religious text most people pick and choose what to incorporate into their lives based on their own mentality.

25. (Atheist) fundamentalists don’t understand that simply because a minority of a group does bad things that doesn’t mean you should be hostile to the entire group.

26. New Atheists such as Sam Harris in particular have been exposed to too many beheadings and suicide bombings and jihadists and hateful pastors and homophobes and extremists and have just gone nuts.

27. New Atheists think that we should impose our western values

28. New Atheists often deny the existence or alteration or exploration of consciousness or how that may allow us to acquire a better understanding of reality. I personally don’t think Sam Harris is one of them because by his own admission he has undergone what I like to call “mental alchemy”. You cannot measure consciousness but we know consciousness exists. How can one tell me that what goes on in my mind isn’t real.

29. Militant Atheists disregard that there could be forces that we cannot observe or examine at this time behind or beyond what we can currently perceive. Inter-dimensional beings, multiple dimensions, things above or below our range to perceive going infinitely in both directions, and there may even be celestial beings among us already, all of this is scientific however atheist fundamentalists usually dismiss this. Simply put the metaphysical is irrelevant.

30. Science and spirituality are not opposed to each other. This is a western phenomena. In fact, science may be able to prove spiritual concepts but our understanding of spirituality at its root is unique to each individual.

31. Militant atheist have trouble accepting things science hasn’t verified yet (keyword: yet). Some people claim to have astral projected and to have had out of body experiences and ascended and made contact with metaphysical beings through the use of taking ayahuasca or other psychedelic drugs or through meditation. How can you tell someone something that’s going on in their minds isn’t real?


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