I$lamaphobia Industry: Islam, Terrorism, Dictators, and Jihad

The vast majority of EU terrorism isn’t even done by Muslims.

Most of the terror attacks since 9/11 haven’t been done by Muslims.

The U.S. states supports Saudi Arabia that promotes Wahhabism.

Stop equating Muslim Extremists in the Middle East to Muslims here in the Western World.

Stop being so obsessed with what goes on in the Middle East as if nothing else is going on in the world.

What takes place in the Middle East is not representative of Muslims all over the planet.

Muslims are victimized in Burma and Central African Republic.

Muslim extremists just cherry pick verses out of the Quran just like Christian fundamentalists do with the Bible here. There are a lot of peaceful verses they choose to ignore based on their own ambitions.

All Muslims are not equally responsible for 9/11, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.

Muslim terrorism and Muslim violence is disproportionately represented around the world.

Just because there’s a Muslim terrorist attack in *Insert country here that doesn’t mean there’s going to be a mushroom cloud in Cincinnati tomorrow.

The media shows nothing but negative images of Muslims.

People act as if Muslims, much like how blacks are viewed, are the embodiment of chaos and they bring it with them everywhere they go which is simply not true.

People think anyone with a turban is a terrorist who might be hiding C4 or something.

People attacking random Sikhs because they think they’re Muslims. When Sikhs also where turbans not just Muslims.

Female genital mutilation is not a Muslim problem it’s an African problem. Most of the countries that do it are located in Africa and not all of them have a Muslim majority. And it is not required in Islam.

The are certain people in the media who are just too god damn horny to see some Muslim violence and they just salivate at Islamic extremism and can’t wait for the next attack somewhere.

When you have people are attacking random Muslims you know there’s a problem. Or when people think someone is Muslim and attack them.

Not everybody in West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa are Muslim or Arab. There are Tuaregs, Berbers, Persians, Armenians, Druze, Pashtuns, Punjabis, Kurds and Afro-Arabs etc. And plenty of Christians in these countries and yes they are oppressed in certain countries because I know when you read that that’s all you’re going to say.

You can’t look Muslim but you can have Islamic garb.

When you hear/read the word: “Muslim” you think of Arabs but most Muslims in the U.S. are not Arab.

Muslims only make up .9% of the population in the United States.

There are too many fake “terror experts” pulling shit out of their ass.

When Bill O’ Reilly invites Muslims on his show that agree with him just to yell at them or when a religious scholar who happens to be Muslim gets asked why he’s writing a book about Jesus of Nazareth even though Muslims believe in Jesus (Issa) or when Don Lemon asks a human rights lawyer if he agrees with ISIS.

When the FBI actively tries to entrap Muslims who ordinarily wouldn’t have committed a crime or wouldn’t have thought about it or even if they did wouldn’t have the means to do. If I go around and ask random people if they want to blow something up and then find some idiot who actually wants to do it and then show them how and help them come up with a plan then stop them last minute, that’s entrapment. And you have to be able to prove they would be able to do it on their own.

The Bible actually has more violence than the Quran. It’s just that the Quran is shorter.

People actually don’t know that Muslims believe in Jesus (Issa), Moses (Musa) , Abraham (Ibrahim), Solomon (Sulaiman) etc.

The mainstream media routinely equates Jihad to Crusades or “Holy War” but the fact is that Jihad means “struggle” and it can happen to be used in a context of a struggle against a government or a group of people.

The mainstream media routinely equates Sharia Law to “eye for an eye” or if you steal then we have to cut your hand off but that’s strict Sharia. Not everyone who says they believe in Sharia agrees with the Taliban or ISIS. And Sharia is different in every country.

The mainstream media will only focus on “convenient” facts that make Muslims look primitive and “conveniently” leaves out other facts that show Muslims standing up for what’s right.

The U.S. government provides the most weapons for corrupt regimes and dictatorships all over the planet. Most of the countries in the Middle East are allies of the U.S. and Israel. Even if the people there can’t stand us.

The media likes to fixate on certain Muslim activity particularly Muslim violence and how they treat women in the Middle East. What about how they treat blacks and other minorities? What about slavery? What about the LGBT community? What about Saudi Arabia doing beheadings? What about all these other bad things? Why just focus on and talk about the same old things all the time?

Most people of any religion are not fundamentalists and reject fundamentalism. Even people who we call fundamentalists don’t really practice everything in the Quran or the Bible and they still pick and choose what they want to do.

If Islam is evil and creates terrorism. Why don’t we see terrorist in Egypt? Indonesia? Morocco? Chad? Albania? etc You only see terrorism or an escalation of violence where the U.S. military, CIA, or counter terrorism (which usually for some strange reason only creates more terrorism) is located.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Iran, etc have all gotten worse because of U.S. involvement.

At one point the U.S. government supported Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.

The U.S. has and currently still supports dictators in Asia and Africa.

Why does the media only focus on bad things going on in countries with extreme violence? What about Saudi Arabia? Bahrain? Qatar? Oman? etc

At the end of the day culture trumps and influences religion. So it doesn’t really matter what the holy book says. Muslims are not supposed to ingest mind altering substances but Muslims in Somalia and Yemen chew on a plant called Qat which is a drug. Saddam Hussein made alcohol legal in Iraq. A lot of Afghans are addicted to opium.

Muslims routinely inform us on what we could do to stop the terrorists and their sympathizers from multiplying exponentially but we flatly refuse to accept their advice and blame them anyway.

Every major Muslim organization in the US has routinely condemned every terrorist attack.

Muslim Brotherhood paranoia and sharia law paranoia and Muslim ‘no-go’ zones.

Neocons love to use Islamophobia in order to get the American public to support war.

There’s a difference between criticizing the Quran and Hadith and having a genuine bias against a particular group.

The paranoia of Obama being a Muslim when in fact he was criticized for going to the Church of pastor Jeremiah Wright.

When the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened people acted like you had to agree with what the artist did or you’re against free speech and you support the attacks. The media largely ignored the random attacks on Muslims and mosques and left out the fact that Muslims were also attacked.

Islamophobia creates religious extremism and both feed off of each other.

The refusal of the media to call anyone who isn’t Muslim who commits an act of terror a terrorist.

There’s always Muslims being shown as evil, crazy and savage in pretty much every movie that comes out of Hollywood.

ISIS is pretty much an extreme manifestation of Wahhabism created by the Saudis and unleashed upon the lands where Shias dwell or rule. ISIS or ISIL’s objectives are pretty much to prevent Kurdistan from every being created and disrupt Shia ruled countries and of course wreak complete havoc on the way.

Most of the countries in Africa and Asia were created in the mid 20th century and the people in these countries didn’t have any say in how the countries were to be created and this is the roots of all the madness not The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The civil war in Yemen is not because of the Quran. The dictator in Egypt is not because of the Quran. The civil war in Syria is not because of the Quran. The civil war in Libya is not because of the Quran.

Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc are not all one big happy family and they’re not all Sunni or Shia and they have rivalries of their own because of it.


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