Paulo Nazareth: Artist, Philosopher, and Nomad

Paulo Nazareth aka Young Casually Out Here (my personal nickname for him) is a brilliant Brazilian artist and nomad in his early 30s. He seems to personify taking life by the balls and throwing oneself into the torrent of countless experiences life has to offer. Paulo has traveled from his favela Belo Horizonte in Brazil to Miami and New York City, apparently all on foot. Then subsequently traveling from Capetown, South Africa throughout the entire African continent. On his journey through multiple countries and across two continents, that took place around 2011, he documented his experiences and the people he came across all while providing thought provoking social and political critique through his art. He’s usually seen holding a sign in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, that tackles our beliefs of race and class. Paulo himself is of African and Native American descent, which is always at the front and center of his work. He’s charismatic and unapologetic yet subtle and not too overtly radical. He invokes this handsome, charming and daring dharma bum persona. It’s rather funny that he appears Christ-like as his names suggests must like a Latin American Leo Tolstoy. Nazareth is a man that inspires through action and passion. His latest series is entitled “Genocide in Americas”. It’s quite extraordinary and perplexing how artists usually end up becoming part time philosophers, historians, economists, social critics, radicals, dissidents, etc.

naza_15_01 thumb_MW.PNZ.F.032.01.05 D3 paulo-nazareth-ideafixa12 7631700000_e176621117_b 2013-07-03-nazarethwalk n-5592c5ae6b514 large (1)500_naza_12_01


P1230094 i am an amareca P4040253 P4060437 P4110128 P1010323 P1010182 P1010140 paulo-nazareth-ideafixa13 thumb_BAIXA_3 tumblr_mhlq5thRhp1qgkq9co1_1280 2-01 enrique art.nal


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