Sexism, Misogyny, Rape Culture etc In (Y)our Headphones…

I spent today making a list of some of the most misogynistic, sexist, ridiculous lyrics from popular artists, mainstream and underground, from past to present, to show people (specifically women) who claim to be feminists who listen to this type of shit on a daily basis and don’t even realize it, or just brush it off because it’s not directed to them personally, or my favorite, they actually get a kick out of it.

I’m sure there’s probably tons of mindnumbingly horrific lyrics concerning women out there but these are the ones I could remember off top or just had to go on rap genius to find because I knew the particular artist had to have some misogynistic gold i.e. The Weeknd and Action Bronson and Tyler, The Creator.

There’s been a new wave of feminism as of late but even the radicals tend to create excuses for musical artists or rationalize any women participants in the culture/tournament of fuckery, shock value and patriarchy that is the music industry. If you leave it up to some feminists no famous or likeable woman has ever been exploited or objectified and the low brow rap lyrics often heard over “trap” beats are just lyrics. And of course they’ll agree it happens in general until you get specific.

Once again this is because men and women both perpetuate sexism in numerous ways and this being just one of em. I would suggest if you’re that serious about sexism you should boycott the entire music and fashion industries for starters. I’m also guilty of listening to this type of foolishness because of my own issues I guess but anyway without further ado here’s the list:

“Captain save em ass nigga I don’t give a bitch shit but hard dick and liquor” – Danny Brown

“Cocky and conceited, I got a bunch of reasons
Refused to be mistreated, I’ll be damned if I repeat it
I be that Pretty Flacko, I tell her go retweet it
I ask her for her number, I fuck her, then delete it ” – A$AP Rocky

“Bougie ass bitch made me wait to fuck for two days” – A$AP Rocky

“Your girl still wanna date me
She wanna hit the mall, I’m here come take me
Tell her just don’t rape me
Bust a nut, give her dap, tell her get home safely” – Dom Kennedy

“Put Molly all in her champagne, she aint even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that. She ain’t even know it. ” – Rick Ross

“Been gone for so long I might have just found God
Well probably not, if I keep my habits up
Probably not if I can’t keep up with lovin’
And I can’t stand talkin’ to brand new girls
Only bitches down to fuck when you shower them with ones” – The Weeknd

“I got a test for you
You say you want my heart
Well baby you can have it all
There’s just something that I need from you
Is to meet my boys” – The Weeknd

“Imma spend it all on bitches
And everybody fuckin’, everybody fuckin’
Pussy on the house, everybody fuckin'” – The Weeknd

“Never trust a ho, never love a ho
We just dump a load, show ’em to the door
Leave it smokin’ wet, made her blow the set
Shorty love the dick, made the pussy stretch
Degrading, sex slaving, Nirvana, the reminder wear a condom ” – Juice of Flatbush Zombies

“I fuck with these hoes from a distance. The instant they start to catch feelings. I start to stealin they shit then I’m out just like a thief in the night.” – DMX

“Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the dick. Gets the fuck out after you’re done. And I hops in my ride to make a quick run.” – Snoop Dogg

” Slob on my knob like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don’t have to ask, don’t have to beg
Juicy is my name, sex is my game
Let’s call the boys, let’s run a train
Squeeze on my nuts, lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don’t touch ” – Juicy J

“She ain’t crazy. Fuckin’ with Dre should be pushin’ up daisies. She was the perfect ho’ but what do you know? The bitch tried to gag me so – I had to kill her.” – Dr. Dre

“Three seconds it takes for her to turn blue
With my hands around her throat, her arms stopped moving
Pulse stops too, in the back, look confused
As I turn to tell them both not to do shit stupid ” – Earl Sweatshirt

“Bitch you’re barely breathin’ leavin’ on the back of the boat
While I fill you up with semen from the Wolf Gang team and
Flowin’ like the creampie inside of your daughter
Oughta eat the bitch with salt and wash it down with a gallon of water ” – Tyler The Creator

“Black Ted Bundy sick as John Gacy
Chilling with a possible victim, she was 18
A hitchhiker hippie whore, met her at the liquor store
She frequented to help support the habit picked up in the fourth
Grade A piece of ass, so I plan on screwing it
Slipped of a couple Rufilin inside the bitch’s juice and gin
Next thing you know, we’re on Earl’s burgundy carpet
She’s kicking and screaming, begging for me to fucking stop it
Look, you know it’s not rape if you like it, bitch
So sit down like a pretty ho and don’t fight the shit
Or else I’ll have to tie a pretty bow ’round your bloody neck
Hide the slices from the gashes given with a dull Gillette
Mop the blood up, put the body in the apartment
Stash it where we hide the marijuana and the condoms
“Hey, what’s that?” Don’t touch it or even fucking look
You are Fantasia and the body bag’s a fucking book” – Vince Staples

“Hat is always forest so the bitches call me Gump. But compliment her tits and then its off to hump her. Fuck her in a Hummer while I rape her then I put her in a slumber.” – Tyler The Creator

“Rape her then record it, then edit it with more shit” – Tyler, The Creator

” You see a woman I see a potential sacrifice” – RetcHy P

“She gave me head during the Laker game
I got her tatted, trying to erase her name
No, I caught her cheating, her pussy didn’t feel the same
She was probably with one of the Broncos
Or LeBron so I blew her car up
Soon as she try to start it up, nah
I can’t talk about that though… ” – Action Bronson

“Out the watch flew a canary, it’s cuckoo
Let my man who just came home throw a party where you poo-poo
Uh, that is not a nice thought ” – Action Bronson

“Light my blunt you fucking whore! ” – Roc Marciano

” I swear you can’t fuck with me
But I can fuck your girl and make her nut for me
Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me
And of course it’ll be your cash
Then I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to your ass” – Lil Weezy Tunechi

“Bitch I’m to swag for that lame shit
I don’t really give a fuck what your name is
I don’t really give a fuck if your famous
I just want to bust a nut where your face is ” – Ricky Hil

“I’m giggin on these hoes, do ’em like dominoes
And slam ’em on they back, and tell ’em vamanos” – Snoop Dogg

“Baby, you’re so precious. Daddy’s so proud of you. Sit down, bitch. If you move again I’ll beat the shit out of you.” – Eminem

“I’m back on my fuck hoe’s, with a whole new hatred for blondes. But bias? I hate all bitches the same, baby come on. Excuse the pun but bitch is such a ‘broad’ statement and I’m channelin’ my anger through every single station that’s on.” – Eminem

“Can I hold grudges, mind is saying: “let it go, fuck this. Heart is saying: “I will once I bury this bitch alive, hide the shovel and then drive off in the sunset – Eminem

“Write a little save-a-hoe speech all these fake-ass hoes…fake punk-ass bitches…Do you know what I mean? Fuckin’em up like this, man…$hort Dog’s in the house, bitch! She’s a punk-ass bitch, hoe, tramp and a slut. Took her to the hotel just to fuck.” – Too $hort

“What the fuck y’all birds talking about? Get the fuck out my house before I grab you by your hair and slap dick to your mouth. Bob Digi, yeah you know who is he. Girl, I fucking slave trade your ass like Kizzy Kinte.” – Rza

“Get a grip on your headboard and hold on to it, or get sent right through it. Bite your nipples when I lick ’em. Not gentle when I stick ’em, huh. I’ll leave ’em lookin’ like a rape victim.” – Kool G Rap

“Choke a bitch with my dick then walk up the stairs and hang her. Who can get they thang sucked while they boo boo? I can, by a Chinese bitch who just fixed the moo-goo-gai pan.” – Devin the Dude

“I’m a dragon, you’re a whore
Don’t even know what you’re good for” – Lana Del Rey

“He hit me and it felt like a kiss
Jim brought me back
Reminded me of when we were kids” – Lana Del Rey

“Even If They Cuff’em My Boys Got Instructions:
Strictly Destruction
Everybody Sufferin, Ya Kids; Butt Fuck’em
Stomp’em With Construction
Show Mercy On Nothin
Beat’em Till They Skin Bussin’
Slaughter, Torture
Pour Acid On Your Daughter
Your Bitch Pregnant; Rape Her!
Make Her Break Her Water” – Beanie Sigel

“I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m a dog
I’m a treat ha like a dog
Feed ha like a dog (Gucci)
Beat ha like a dog
Then pass ha to my dog” – Gucci Mane

“You are now watching the throne, don’t let me get in my zone
Don’t let me get in my zone, don’t let me get in my zone
These other niggas is lyin, actin’ like the summer ain’t mine
(I got that hot bitch in my home)
You know how many hot bitches I own? ” – Kanye West

“One last announcement
No sports bra, let’s keep it bouncin’
Everybody wanna live at the top of the mountain
Took her to the ‘Bleau, she tried to sip the fountain
That when David Grutman kicked her out
But I got her back in and put my dick in her mouth” – Kanye West

“Now shoo children, stop looking at her tits
Get ya own dog, ya heard? That’s my bitch” – Jay Z

“You can’t believe it, this ridiculous, belligerent
Oh my bad I’m just killin’ shit, I’m killin’ shit
A girl a girl, a bitch a bitch, a bitch a bitch” – Mac Miller

“Bitch, suck my dick before I slap you with it (Gees)
Bitch, suck my dick before I slap you with it (Gees)” – Mac Miller


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