“Your Generation Is Lazy”

“Lazy” is one of the most misused words in the English language. It’s the word people typically used (especially baby boomers) whenever they’re trying to get you to do what they (emphasis) want. If I call you lazy for not doing “X” whatever “X” is, then you feel obligated to do “X” in order to prove me wrong. It’s the perfect way of getting someone to do shit they just don’t want to fucking do. You don’t wanna be a wage slave? Well then you’re “lazy”. You don’t wanna go to church? Well then you’re “lazy”. You don’t wanna go to college just to go to college and not know wtf you’re doing? Then you’re “lazy”. You don’t wanna get up at the ass crack of dawn for no reason? You’re “lazy”. You don’t wanna do “X” ? You’re “lazy” You don’t walk 15 miles to “X”? You’re “lazy” You’re life doesn’t revolve around work, church and school? You’re lazy.You’re depressed? No you’re just lazy…Some people are lazy in particular cases but after a while you realize when people are just using a particular word to get a particular reaction out of you.


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