Allow me to take 5 minutes of your time to set the record straight. This is for anyone who cares to read this and for whatever reason is in a state of confusion or rage after the events that happened in Paris (including Kenya and Beirut).
As you may or may not know France has more Muslims than any other country in Europe. France is known as always being one of the most progressive, open, and diverse countries in the Western World that has been further promoted by Kanye West and other celebrities.
However, France of course used to be an empire and much of Northern/West Africa and Asia was under French/British colonial rule. These territories were then made into “countries” (Nigeria, Mali, Algeria,Iraq, Syria, Yemen,India,Pakistan,Afghanistan, etc) without the concerns of the people who live in the territories, and ethnic groups were deliberately divided in these new lines on the map, and elite flunkies were left in charge to ultimately still carry out the ambitions of the French/British elite with some autonomy. Throughout the decades these people (North/West Africans and West/Central Asians) have immigrated to Europe. In recent years however this immigration has soared because of the instability in Africa and Asia( which is a direct result of U.S. lead foreign policy) and is pissing a lot of Europeans off to say the least.
Now you’re asking well how does our government have anything to do with that and what does that have to do with terrorism? Okay, I’ll give you several quick examples that relates directly to this “situation” (read: Muslim terrorism).
1. The blind support of Saudi Arabia, undisputedly the worst Muslim country in the world that is the source of Muslim extremism on Earth.
2. The blind support of Israel, a country created from ethnic cleansing that pissed off millions of people in two continents.
3. The support of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan (Taliban/Al Qaeda), which eventually backfired and lead to 9/11 and invading Afghanistan to fight the very same people we used to support.
4. Installing “The Shah” in Iran and then it backfired and now Iran is well, Iran.
5. The support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, which of course backfired, then lead to us eventually having to create bullshit excuses to invade Iraq following 9/11, and now we have ISIS crucifying and beheading random people. Note: There was never any Muslim extremism in Iraq before we invaded.
6. The drone program where we basically fire missiles at anyone with guns in random Muslim countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen). Malala Yousef (a young woman from Pakistan) told Obama to his face that it is creating more terrorists.
7. Removing Mumar Ghaddafi from power and leveling Libya creating the hellhole that it is now.
8, Supporting a 30 year “president” in Egypt and now a new dictator.
Etc etc etc
Isn’t it so amazing that everything I listed is still ongoing with no end in sight? And even if you don’t like Muslims until this type of foreign policy stops, there will be more chaos and more terrorism and more immigrants/refugees. Muslims have also been saying the same thing but of course nobody wants to listen to them. If anything thereĀ has been a lot of victim blaming, the vast majority of the Muslim people in these countries didn’t ask for any of this and are still just trying to live their lives in peace but we continue to fan the flames and point the finger at those burning alive. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, have a nice day.Salaam.


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