Khalik Allah: Wu Tang Affiliate, Street Scholar, and Photojournalist

Khalik Allah is a long time Wu Tang Affiliate in Harlem who has made a name for himself using his camera to document the lifestyles of the human excess of an atomized nihilistic postmodern capitalist society. Individuals living their lives in a drug infested Native American reservation or plantation (read: concentration camp) like police state within an urban setting. Where the police are merely there to micromanage and warehouse them and to make sure their self destruction doesn’t interfere with the status quo or the artificial  (and superficial) equilibrium of the third world city state that is New York City.  That equilibrium being the delicate ratio of a handful with obscene luxury and privilege to  a great many with misery and anguish. The people Khalik encounters are denizens of a perpetual underclass that have become accustomed to living  their lives in an eternal limbo or purgatory. Once again, these are not the exploited but the undesirables.

By putting himself on the gritty front lines of the class war on the most vulnerable among us; Khalik has become hyper aware of the behemoth that is the prison industrial complex. In a lot of ways. Khalik is like an explorer. exploring and documenting the slow death and atrophy of western civilization from the ground up.

Khalik is also keeping alive the Wu Tang tradition of being a “street scholar”. He seems well educated in the esoteric and abstract concepts that emerged in the 90s from Nuwabianism, and Nations of Gods and Earths, such as the Afro-Asiatic black man, third eye, supreme mathematics, etc. He uses his knowledge to become malleable and integrate himself within the ranks of the undesirables and becomes well acquainted with them as he tries to capture the beauty in their decay.

FIELD_NIGGAS_Khalik-Allah_350tumblr_mgop2gwATt1rwgohco1_500khalik allah.jpg11956094705_cf4f89d34a_btumblr_nycnmqACCi1qgv9hdo2_1280.jpgtumblr_nmxe4nMs5i1sxw2pto9_1280.jpgKhalik-RedSmoke.jpgtumblr_mom91kvvuN1qg0eqbo1_1280.jpg14546816314_8627721b4e_b.jpgkhalik-allah-walk-with-me-into-the-light-9.jpg14453349515_9e1daae93f_b.jpgtumblr_nqcayez6341qg0eqbo2_r1_1280.jpg001 k2.jpgAllah_Khalik_8.jpgKhalik-4-620x348.jpgKHALIK.jpg

Watch His Harlem Documentary Here Called “Field Niggas”:

Khalik Allah interview:


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