Anarchist Party Platform

  1. Universal Healthcare
  2. Free College and write off Student Loan Debt/Credit Card Debt
  3. Green Energy
  4. No WMDs(Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) and Banned Weapons
  5. Abolish All Prisons
  6. BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) for dictatorships, monarchies, rogue states, and military occupations.
  7. No preemptive wars and demilitarization and audit of the pentagon
  8. $1 Trillion Dollar Investment In Infrastructure
  9. Mandatory Classes On Race and Sex and Religion
  10. Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution
  11. Universal Basic Income
  12. Localization
  13. Abolish Electoral College and Make Election Day A Holiday and Use The Same Voting System As The Rest of The West
  14. Take Money Out of Politics
  15. Ban All Products Banned in The Rest of The Western World
  16. Legalization of All Drugs and Treat Addiction as a Medical Problem
  17. Break Up The “Too Big To Fail” Banks
  18. Mandatory Multi-Party Political System (No Winner Take All)
  19. Enforcement of United Nations Resolutions
  20. Reparations for Slavery and Apartheid, Native American Genocide, and Annexation of Mexico.
  21. Paid Parental Leave
  22. Make The End of Slavery A Holiday And Remove All Confederate Symbols, Names, And Monuments From Public Property
  23. Democratization of The Workplace (Worker Co-Opts)
  24. Mandatory Mental Health Evaluations in School
  25. Publicize Natural Resources
  26. Abolish Capital Punishment
  27. Funding Of All Public Schools Distributed Equally
  28. Human Rights Amendment To The Constitution
  29. Economic Rights Amendment To The Constitution
  30. Universal Background Check Of Firearms And The Ability To Sue Gun Manufacturers Like Every Other Industry In America

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