Neo-Fascism, Colonialism and White Nationalism in Netanyahu’s Israel…

Let’s get right into it; Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) is a Neo-fascist. Netanyahu never wanted a two state solution. He is a pathological liar. He literally lies every time he speaks in public – it’s utterly amazing. I can actually on some strange level respect other psychopaths like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump and John Bolton and Dick Cheney because they’re straight up about their evil and it’s take it or leave it. There’s no ambiguity or uncertainty. Netanyahu however, is a psychopath that is duplicitous and deceitful at every turn. He used militarism and racism basically, demagoguery, to win the last election. He is also a war criminal by all accounts for his multiple wars in Gaza that always coincidentally ends up killing massive amounts of civilians. He has shown that he not only believes in apartheid of Palestinians but also Africans; because Netanyahu is a racist.

That is why he tried to be a pain in President Obama’s ass. That’s why he defied the President at every turn and still basically got everything he wanted anyway like the spoiled brat he is. That’s why John Kerry wanted to call his evil ass out two years ago but Obama actually stopped him. That’s why he continued to approve illegal settlements on Palestinian land while continuing a military occupation and pretending like he doesn’t have the mental capacity or maybe empathy to understand why that would piss Palestinians off. Well that’s his goal anyway, to make the Palestinians miserable or agitate them into lashing out so he can mercilessly crush and humiliate them again and again. Prime Minister Netanyahu is apathetic and amoral.

Furthermore, he has even ruined the lives of black Ethiopian Jews who make up over 60% of the prison population in Israel but only 2% of the total population. That’s not justice, that’s just straight up in your face extreme prejudice. Israel has become an extremely racist country because of its extremely racist leadership and Netanyahu is at the head of that hideous table of far-right radicals. This is top down systemic racism. The sad part is Netanyahu to some degree knows that he has to hold back the rabid foaming at the mouth racists, because the world will isolate Israel, but he still has to give them some meat every once in a while, or they’ll turn on their master, and bite the  hand that feeds them black and brown bodies. Under Netanyahu African refugees are constantly referred to as infiltrators. The President of Israel, Reuven Revlon, has even said that the Holot refugee camp (read: prison) in the Negev desert is a “concentration camp”. So one, why are Jews of all people now running a concentration camp full of blacks and two why is it not immediately shutdown after the President makes a statement like that?  And why did the IDF (Israeli “Defense” Force) forcibly return the refugees to the concentration camp after they tried to flee to Egypt?

We gave Israel the biggest military aid package ever and they’re still not happy. Netanyahu came to the Congress and gave a speech against his own Israeli intelligence agency the Mossad and our democratically elected President and basically the whole world. A speech that was full of lies and alarmism. And pretty much feeding into what the Ayatollah wants. The fundamentalists on both sides want to drag us kicking and screaming into more wars. Netanyahu doesn’t want peace – he wants domination. Netanyahu and the other Zionist fundamentalists just want every Muslim nation that is not allied to the U.S. to plunge into chaos and confusion. These are individuals that openly say they want ISIS to be in control of Syria instead of Assad; a statement that should shock you to your very core. Even though Asaad is a bloodthirsty  maniac having Islamic extremist and jihadists in power will create a far worse situation. I think Iraq and Libya are perfect examples of how brutal tyranny is still better than absolute chaos. The truth is and anyone who closely and honestly looks at the situation can see this; that Netanyahu and friends won’t be happy until all of the land west of the Jordan River is populated mostly by Jews and Tehran (the capital of Iran) and Damascus (the capital of Syria) are in flames.

The Zionists have learned well from their time in Europe experiencing fascism and tsarism and other tyrannies. They have internalized it and have learned many lessons on how to manipulate and dominate. They need their own punching bags to take their anger and frustration out on and that punching bag is minorities. Their heroes, the Irgun, which launched a terror campaign on the British and Arabs in British Mandate Palestine, were even compared to fascists by Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt in the New York Times. Netanyahu himself claims that Hitler didn’t really want to do the final solution but the Grand Mufti of Palestine put him up to it; one of his most grotesque distortions of the truth. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to chime in and politely tell him to shut the hell up. This type of historical revisionism is promoted in Israel all the time with denial of ethnic cleansing etc. It’s just astounding to see it applied to the Holocaust by not only a Jewish leader but the leader of the Jewish nation that allegedly speaks for all worlds Jewry.

Netanyahu has even declared that the Golan Heights will never be returned to Syria and that the existence of synagogues there at some point in the distant past means that the land belongs to Jews despite who’s currently living there; once again another astounding and reckless assertion by the part of Israel’s four time prime minister. It’s an assertion of a settler colonialists or imperialists that is done even pretending to be anything but what they are – conquerors. Netanyahu is merely the warrior chief of a clan of conquerors. David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister said it himself “We are conquistadors”. Israel is a Spartan state and Netanyahu is King Leonidas standing up against the primitive barbaric mysterious satanic brown people that want to kill us all. Voltaire said: “those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities”. Israel is a western garrison that’s spreading civilization in the savage lands so we should ignore the atrocities taking place in process.

The atrocities like bombing a United Nations school after being repeatedly warned that there are no terrorists inside. Atrocities like bombing kids playing soccer on a beach. Atrocities like beating a Palestinian American to a bloody pulp for no good reason. And atrocities such as shooting an already apprehended man straight up in the head, just because you can. Atrocities like 80 percent poverty level in one of the densest places on Earth. Atrocities like 80 percent civilian casualties. Atrocities like summarily executing unarmed civilians on a flotilla giving aid. Atrocities like bombing power plants and schools and hospitals and saying “the enemy was there we had no choice” translation: we didn’t want to but the devil made us do it. Once again, people that glorify terrorists that go after innocent civilians will also do the same.

Netanyahu’s plan for the Palestinians is simple; keep mowing the lawn and starving them out and other means of population control and keep them in suspended animation while systematically killing them off and expanding the settlements. In the Likud Party’s (Netanyahu is the leader of the Likud Party) own platform it says that they will never allow a Palestinian state. What Israel’s prime minister is doing is incremental genocide. The United Nations have even released a report saying Gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020. That is just 3 years away. What are all these millions of people going to do? Netanyahu and his allies couldn’t care less.

Even the average Israeli Jew does not benefit from this madness. Israel has the second highest income inequality in the world (second only to the United States). Israel has become extremely racist sexist xenophobic and militaristic. Many scholars within Israel have pointed to signs of proto-fascism. Israel is gradually losing standing in the world. The European Union is tired of it. Latin America is becoming tired of it. The Arab nation’s leadership has sold out but the populations are still very tired of it. Outside of the United States, Israel is being seen more and more as a negative force in the world. Israel will soon be isolated as it becomes more and more extreme. There is no real left in Israel or any real anti-war voice. Israel is already a racial/ethnic caste system or hierarchy with White Jews at the top, brown Jews second; black Jews last among Jews, then Arab Israelis and then Africans and finally, Palestinians and the Bedouin in the desert are at rock bottom.

Netanyahu and his statements and actions are fueling anti-Semitism around the world. In fact, Zionism is the most anti-Semitic movement since Nazism. By creating a Jewish state by force, and constantly defying the UN, and breaking international law, and influencing (read: corrupting) American politics, and perpetrating war crimes and maintaining an illegal occupation and building illegal settlements and treating non-Jews as if they are subhuman; they are giving the anti-Semites what they want. And just calling anyone who disagrees with you an anti-Semite also actually increases anti-Semitism. And the elephant in the room that will probably never be uttered on the mainstream media is that Jews are not the only Semites and Arabs are also Semitic.

Eventually, Netanyahu will be replaced by someone even more racist and amoral and apathetic and ruthless than him. We can see some potential apprentices in the Justice Minister and Avigdor Lieberman and others. The Likud party is losing ground to the rabid right wing renegades that want to purge and sterilize Israel of all undesirables (read: leftists, Arabs, Africans, etc.). The other parties simply can’t wait to be unleashed and codify into law White Jewish Supremacy or Jewish Fundamentalism.  They want Israel to be officially an ethnocracy. Zionism in the final analysis is just a mutation of white nationalism and settler colonialism. Netanyahu instead of fighting these people off has been facilitating and accommodating them while pretending to the outside world the exact opposite.

Israel must be identified and isolated. Netanyahu has got to be identified and isolated. Zionism must be identified and isolated. It must start with people of color and countries of color. The Arab nations must leave the bosom of the American empire and cease interaction with Israel. The African Union must hold a referendum condemning Israel’s settlements and occupation and then cease interaction with Israel. Latin America whose leaders are already starting to get fed up with Israel needs to do the same. The European Union that has delayed talks with Israel for 5 years now must ban all products made in the occupied settlements. The Boycott Divest and Sanctions movement must start with students and millennials and rebels and the “far left” and whatever is left of the anti-war movement and third parties and minorities and pressure everyone else to acknowledge the truth and take action.


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