Kim Jong Trump: The Emperor of Illusions

North Korea gives up its nukes and remains a gulag state with the blessing of the United States and gets to join the club. North Korea is now yet another dictatorship allowed a seat at the table in the international community. Trump is the personification of capitalism. Screw human rights just let us come in and set up shop. All this PR stunt means is North Korea is now open for business.  The North Korean people? Who cares about them?

If North Korea was a US adversary before it got the nukes, how does them getting rid of the nukes all by itself make them a US ally now? This is a great victory for North Korea and Kim Jong has proven to be the most savvy and shrewd of the North Korean leaders. He got the nuke when he was strictly forbidden from doing so and now has successfully forced the world to acknowledge it and is being acknowledged by the most powerful nation on Earth and gets to remain in power which is everything he ever wanted. North Korea is now a legitimate state and will pursue its interests in East Asia with the help of US and China and South Korea apparently. Kim Jong doesn’t care about sanctions or troops on the 38th parallel, all he cares about is getting attention just like Trump and that’s why Trump says insane things everyday to stay in the media and now they both get the attention they crave together by pretending they’re actually doing something when in a fact based reality there is absolutely no there, there. It is just narcissism and spectacle per usual.


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