The Imperial Messenger Strikes Again…

Thomas Friedman said on MSNBC the other day that the biggest problem in the Middle East is not the Arab-Israeli conflict (or US foreign policy) but the ancient Islamic civil war between Sunnis and Shias. This is in fact wildly and deliberately misleading and proves yet again that possibly the most celebrated journalist in the empire is in fact a pseudo-intellectual propagandist. Thomas Friedman knows what he is saying is completely divorced from the reality on the ground and he doesn’t care because he knows who his audience is and his audience is the average ignorant uninformed easily awed and swayed masses that want to be spoon fed propaganda that let’s their country and it’s allies off the hook.

The creation of Israel is the single most detrimental thing to happen to West Asia. Anyone who is even paying attention at this point is aware of that. When you ethnically cleanse around 750,000 people from their native land and deny millions basic human rights and attack every country neighboring you and keep over a million people in an uninhabitable dead zone (read: Gaza) and have a foreign policy of deliberately perpetuating chaos and confusion in the region in order to remain the second chief vassal state of the empire (second only to Saudi Arabia); then you create incredible instability and violence.

Furthermore, without the blind unquestioning backing of the United States for our spoiled brats in the region like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE there would be no conflict. If the United States didn’t pour hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons into the region it wouldn’t be a perpetual battlefield for perpetual profit. It was the US that encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran in a bloody 8 year war. It was the US that turned Afghanistan into a narco-state. It was the US that supported the Mujahedeen that became the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It was the US that got rid of Muhammad Mossadegh in Iran and installed the Shah and it backfired and now we have the Ayatollah. It was the US that was offered everything we wanted by Iran and the Bush administration turned it down because “we don’t negotiate with evil”. It was the US that created and sponsored jihad after it didn’t exist for 400 years. It is the US that allows Saudi Arabia to preach “radical Islam” aka Wahhabism around the world. It was Israel that invaded Lebanon in 1982 (and again in 2006) that created Hezbollah. It was the West that cosigned Sisi in Egypt after everyone knew his election was a sham. It was the US and Turkey and UAE and Saudi Arabia and Israel that dragged the Syrian War on this long getting half a million people killed and supporting various jihadist militias.

Ancient texts and ancient lines of succession are not even a tertiary part of the problem. The Koran is not new. The Hadith is not new.  Sunni versus Shia is not new. The modern historical context of these issues is totally ignored and scapegoated through blaming Muslims. Friedman and others want us to think it isn’t the empire and its spoiled psychopathic vassals but the average person in the region that can’t let go of Late Antiquity blood feuds. There would be no Saudis versus Iranians if the US didn’t endorse it. There would be no Arab-Israeli conflict if the US didn’t blindly protect Israel at the United Nations. There would be no war in Yemen if the United States didn’t continue to refuel the Saudi lead coalition and basically orchestrate the bombing campaign (and the Senate recently voted to continue it). There would be no ISIS if we didn’t illegally invade Iraq in March of 2003; a war that Thom supported as vengeance for the terror attacks on September 11th 2001 that had nothing to do with Iraq.

Thom continues to this day to contradict himself and create excuses for Israel and while pretending to be fair and balanced calling for a Palestinian Gandhi; then when Palestinians are massacred while for the most part peacefully protesting, he creates bullshit excuses about Hamas. Hamas didn’t make IDF (Israeli “Defense” Force) snipers shoot random people including reporters with press jackets and doctors.

Thom recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and tried to legitimize the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, a man who said the Ayatollah in Iran is “worse than Hitler“. A man who tried to kidnap the democratically elected leader of Lebanon. A man who was the chief orchestrator of the genocide in Yemen. A man who kills and tortures political opponents, even relatives. A man who has his own mother locked away somewhere. Allowing women to drive and showing “Black Panther” in theatres doesn’t obscure all of that. And that is precisely the problem.

The US does not support moderate voices in Asia. We literally have killed or imprisoned all the sane rational voices. We have systematically undermined every single left wing movement in Asia. We have endorsed religious extremism for decades in Asia. We continue to arm and protect rogue states in Asia. And we continue to fan the flames of war to this day. Netanyahu and his neo-fascist regime of psychopaths like Ayelet Shaked and Avigdor Lieberman don’t want peace. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince don’t want peace. The Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates doesn’t want peace. The United States does not want peace. The US is even supporting Sunni versus Sunni with the Emirates and Saudis trying to punish and isolate Qatar. This is not about something that happened 1,400 years ago. This is about getting someone in the oval office who finally put their foot down and end the madness and stop feeding into it.


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